Following tips will help you get approved faster:

Demonstrate your potential

The reason your Merch account takes that long to get accepted is that Amazon wants to make sure you can generate sales in the future, that you won’t just do Merch for fun. Therefore, it makes sense to demonstrate your potential as a designer or an online marketer. ( Notice that SEO & Marketing skills are extremely vital to your MBA journey).

Use the Request Invitation Form to speed up MBA approval:

  • Website: if you a high – quality website showcasing your artistic ability, T-shirt designs, etc drop it here. This will show your quality design, the ability to market well. If you haven’t had one website yet, consider setting one up before registering Merch account.
  • Additional Information: this is the most important part. If you add a website above, reference it here and say how you’ll leverage it to generate more sales. Any previous T-shirt designs & marketing experiences should also be listed here, especially your experience with POD platforms such as TeeSrping, TeeChip. Think of this as a job interview. The more positive you give to recruiters, the more ideal you’ll become.

High-quality designs are extremely vital to your website and your Merch account in the future. To get a good source of quality designs, SpyAMZ is a good option. It is a Merch spy tool with many advanced filter searches like Time and Rank range, Brand types ( Official/ Unofficial), plus Product Status (Alive/Dead) and Product Types. If interested, you can try it for free for 3 days.

The Letter: the letter must be to the point, which mean talk about your experience in designing and selling t-shirts. talk about what you can do for Amazon to be able to succeed and what are your plans. Do not write more than 5 lines. it has to be a very simple and to the point. Do not tell them about your personal life or your age or anything like that.

here are some examples of how the letter should be:

Letter 1 


I am a Graphic designers creator, i design visual concepts, by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. It has been my job since 2004 and I have done so many great things including mefch designs. Merch by Amazon aufblasbares wurfelzelt for me it is a great fit to accomplish my goals especially when all I have to worry is uploading designs, which what I am good at. 



Iam a designers that combine art and technology to communicate ideas through designs and the layout and printed merch designs. I use use a variety of design elements to achieve artistic effects and beautiful designs. Designing is what I am best at doing. 

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