Probably you are wondering what are the best t-shirt colors that are selling well, and without a question I am sure you know the first one which is the number one selling color on T-Shirts, the Black color, because any graphic print will look good on black especially the light texts and graphics and people tend to buy black shirts because they can wear them with anything.

The second best selling color is the white, yes some people are obsessed with white color because they look cleaner and make the face shows up more lighter than if you are to wear black. the other reaaon is that white T-Shirts look god when you print dark colors on it like black or Blue Navy or Red text or graphics.

The third place comes to the Grey color which is between the Black and the White T-Shirts, and this is a pretty common color for those indoor aufblasbare welt are not sure if they should go with dar or light, and also you can wear grey T-Shirt with anything and i can be great choice for a graphic print that is not too dark or too white. It is also good for vintage style designs if that’s your expertise.

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