It’s that time of the year! The holiday season is approaching and it’s time to start thinking about your holiday marketing campaigns. Do you have everything together for the holidays? If not, you’ve came to the right place!

As you’re getting ready take a look at the checklist below to make sure you have everything in order.

*NOTE: To execute a successful holiday marketing campaign you have to start early!:

This is the #1 piece of advice we give to all our partners: plan early! Holiday season will be your most profitable time of the year so why shouldn’t you give it extra attention and preparation? According to Google Trends people start searching for Christmas gift ideas in the middle of August. That is way ahead of Christmas, so the time to begin prepping is now! Use the following checklist:

As you can see, nearly every week in November and December we have a sale that you can promote. Participating in all would be ideal, but if it’s too much then you should strategically choose the sales that’s going to get you the best return. If this is your first time promoting your store, then you should definitely tackle Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Also here’s how you can avoid over promoting to your audience:

When prepping your calendar don't forget to include:

  • Sale dates and reminders a few days before
  • Dates when you need to upgrade banners on your site
  • Dates you start and end each promotion

This will help you be organized and plan all steps necessary to successfully execute your promotions. Nothing slips through the cracks. Don't forget- set and forget is our motto!

  • Upload new branded merch
  • Curate shirts based around the holiday content you’ll be talking about
  • Organize your store using our Albums feature

The more options you have in your store the more your audience is likely to purchase from you. If you're curious about curation check out our how-to here:

Channel distribution is important and you should allocate resources across all means. We’d suggest choosing a few social media channels and then putting your best efforts behind those.


  • Make sure to add a Shop Now button to your page to make people take a call to action;
    Change your cover photo with one featuring the sale; you can ask your dedicated account manager for graphic templates. If you’re not savvy with Photoshop then your account manager can send you the banner.
  • Use Facebook Ads/Boosts: ads are a great way to reach your target audience, especially around holidays. If this is your first time doing ads then ask your account manager for tips and instructions.


  • Schedule your tweets to go out when you know your audience is at its peak; you can use Buffer to do that
  • Change your cover photo with one featuring the Black Friday sale
  • Make sure you have a link to your store in your bio
  • Use #TeesTheSeason for easy tracking and better exposure


  • If you have a mail list, that’s going to be an essential channel for you. By leveraging your fan base, you can increase your traffic and sales. For maximum effectiveness you might want to plan several emails for each promotion: one for announcing it and one or two reminders.


  • Use #TeesTheSeason: it’s a great way for you (and us) to track your posts
  • Schedule posts ahead of time: it’ll give you more time to actually engage with your audience and reply to their comments. You can use buffer for this.

What you may need:

  • Ad Copy: writing captivating copy is a key component to a successful marketing campaign during holidays. And if you need help with that, look no further than your dedicated account manager. Also make sure to look for our newsletters where we provide ready to use social media copy for your posts
  • Design & Graphics: the banner you use on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are crucial. They will provide a visual component to your fans so that they understand your promotion. Here’s where you can download our holiday creative templates: LINK TO DOWNLOAD. If you need help with any graphic design for your promotions, reach out to your dedicated account manager and they will take care of that part for you.

There you have it! And as always please don't hesitate to reach out to your account manager if you need any help.

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