I will introduce to you one if the best chrome extensions for Amazon KDP!

KDP Auto-Fill helps you upload your books much faster with auto fill system to save you time and the hustle.

KDP Auto Fill Help you save the book information and details so you don’t have to fill it out every time you want to upload a book. it saves you a lot of time and hustle and also there are no errors or typos once you do the first filling correctly. Amazon KDP Automation Gets Easier! Just fill info and click save and you never have to fill in information again. Information like Author Name big inflatable water slides or Description or checkbox are always the same so this extension help you save that and even the book sizes and trim and pricing and all other informations. With a $5 Monthly free which is very cheap compared to the time and the books you going sale after using this extension. It has almost 7000 users and 4 star rating by the KDP community so it is highly recommended. If you are a KDP seller than you definitely should give it a try. Here is the link: here

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