The best-selling Chrome addons-on Amazon

Three extremely crucial but time-consuming duties for any Amazon business are product research, keyword analysis, and price tracking. The finest Chrome extensions for these tasks are those listed below since they make them simpler and more effective.

  1. Jungle Scout

Because accurate, current, and useful information enables you to make the best purchasing selections, Jungle Scout ranks well among online sellers. With the help of their AccuSalesTM algorithm, this Amazon seller Chrome extension helps you discover and test product ideas while exploring the online retailer. It also provides useful information like revenue predictions, keyword analysis, and sale estimates. You will also get helpful competitor data, including seller ranking, review data, and an overall Opportunity Score. Among the supported markets are the US,

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2. AMZScout Extension

The in-browser addon from AMZScout makes the arduous work of conducting product research simpler and more entertaining. Just enter your product concept into AMZScout, and the tool will crunch the statistics and provide you with a score overall, a profit projection, a demand forecast, and a competition analysis. The addon will then allow you to view more in-depth competitive data, such as seller ranking, stock levels, projected revenues, and FBA fees (allowing you to compare the costs of FBA vs. an SFP fulfillment provider). An excellent resource for locating niche goods with significant earning potential.

Price: $249 for life, $99 for a year, or $29 each month.

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3. Merch Automation

Amazon Merch On Demand Listing Automation help you upload designs automatically and replace title and brand and bullet points text for you from your design names. So you do not have to do anything at all! YES! nothing at all! Also all this process done without Excel or CSV files or anything like that! We took the full process in mind and when we created Merch Automation. As a Merch Sellers we understand the process very well that's why our extension is not like any other extension or software does automation out there.

Cost: Starting at $9.99 per month

4. Helium10

Helium 10 has the solution if you’re looking for a Chrome plugin that can handle everything. With this all-inclusive Amazon seller addon, you can easily replicate ASIN data while also discovering the ideal keywords for your Amazon products. It also provides all the details you require for thorough product research, including how your competitors are filling orders, how much stock they have on hand, and the ability to download, filter, and analyze their evaluations.

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By merely holding your mouse over a listing, the free DS Amazon Quick View extension allows you to quickly view information on a product’s pricing history, BSR, ASIN, search ranking, and the number of FBA sellers. For more comprehensive information on products across all of Amazon’s domains, including the lowest FBA price, Prime sellers, Amazon products, and pricing history, you may also upgrade to the expanded edition.

Price: $19.99 for the expanded version or free.

6.BookBolt Extension

Book Bolt Lister – Bulk Upload Multiple Book Design Variations Easily Book Bolt Lister is available under any of the Book Bolt plans to help you upload multiple book design variations without any of the hassle. If you need to upload book design covers and are sick and tired of editing keywords, titles and descriptions every time, Book Bolt Lister has you covered.

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