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How Amazon is delivering digital educational resources to educators and parents across the U.S.By Day One Staffon November 12, 2019

Ask a teacher what they want most and there is a good chance they will answer, “more time.” In fact, a study revealed that teachers are spending up to seven hours each week beyond their regular school day searching online for ways to keep their lessons fresh, and for differentiated content to support different types of learners in their classroom.

To help teachers and parents easily find high-quality resources, Amazon’s developed a new storefront for digital educational resources on and a publishing portal, Amazon Ignite, for educators who create and sell educational resources. Teachers and parents can now search for materials by grade level, topic, resource type or theme, spanning Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology, Science and more, all created by K-12 educators. And thanks to familiar Amazon features like verified customer reviews, tailored recommendations and the ability to preview materials with “Look Inside,” customers can easily discover the right resources.

Amazon worked closely with educators during development of the new service and storefront, making adjustments along the way—on everything from how educators will publish resources, to how resources should be displayed and sold.

How it works

Now on, a California elementary school teacher can search for and purchase an engaging collection of worksheets on various social studies topics developed by an educator in Pennsylvania. Or a parent from Florida might find a set of math problems that will help their third grader master fractions, right on where they already shop for household and personal needs.

With Amazon Ignite, educators can earn money by publishing the digital lesson plans, worksheets, games and more they are already creating for their classrooms. An educator can create a profile and upload work, which goes through a content review process and is then made available for customers.

It’s still early days for the Amazon Ignite publishing portal, and the service is starting as invitation only. Get a first look at Amazon Ignite and learn more about how educators can request an invitation to publish their content, or start browsing digital educational resources now.

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