Everything we do as Online Marketers is based on keywords. Some keywords can be targeted directly and some can be broader targeting multiple sets and subsets of keywords.

These are the types of keywords everyone should know:

  1. Short Tail: Short tail keywords like “baby”, “soccer”, “gaming” and these keywords hold no meaning to them. They are too general and the results will come up by these keywords somewhat too broad, so when they type “Soccer” for example inGoogle the result will come up it’s not specific, so these keywords should not put by itself when you are listing any type of products.
  2. Medium Tail: These keywords come between short and long tail keywords, something like “soccer ball”, it’s specific but not too specific. and it cab be used by itself only if there is no competition on the product you trying to sell. If there a is a huge competition you have to go more specific which brings us to the long tail keywords.
  3. Long Tail: Long tail keywords are the keywords that usually around 4-5 words or more and it’s very specific, something like “white soccer ball for kids”. These are super specific but are usually have a big volume keywords, and these are the recommended keywords that you should be using when listing your products.

Note, never list your product under a short keyword, if you do at least list it with a medium tail, if there is no competition on the product you trying to sell. Otherwise, always use long tail keyword that refers to specific product so costumer can find easy and make the decision sooner.

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