September 2019 Holidays & Nich Ideas For Your Business

September 2019 Holidays & Nich Ideas For Your Business
SUNSEP 1American Chess DaySpecial InterestActivities
SUNSEP 1OnamReligiousIndian Holidays
MONSEP 2Ganesh ChaturthiReligiousHinduIndian Holidays
MONSEP 2Labor DayFederalCivicFestivitiesHistoricalShoppingSummer
MONSEP 2VJ DayInternationalMilitary
MONSEP 2West Indian Day ParadeCulturalCultural
MONSEP 2World Coconut DayFood & BeverageFood
TUESEP 3National Skyscraper DaySpecial InterestActivities
TUESEP 3Telephone TuesdaySpecial InterestShopping
WEDSEP 4​National Wildlife DayEnvironmentalWildlife
WEDSEP 4Beyoncé’s BirthdayArts & EntertainmentMusicPop Culture
THUSEP 5International Day of CharityCause
THUSEP 5National Cheese Pizza DayFood & BeverageCheese
FRISEP 6National 401(k) Day
FRISEP 6National Read a Book DayArts & Entertainment
SATSEP 7Brazil Independence DayInternationalCulturalFestivitiesHistorical
SATSEP 7National Beer Lover’s DayFood & BeverageLiquor
SUNSEP 8Day of the HomelandInternationalGermanHistoricalMilitary
SUNSEP 8International Literacy DayCause
SUNSEP 8National Grandparents DayRelationshipsFamily
MONSEP 9AshurahReligiousIslamicJewish
MONSEP 9International Sudoku DaySpecial InterestActivities
MONSEP 9National Wiener Schnitzel DayFood & Beverage
TUESEP 10World Suicide Prevention DayHealthHealth
WEDSEP 11National Day of Service and RemembranceCause
WEDSEP 11National Make Your Bed DaySpecial InterestActivities
THUSEP 12National Video Games DaySpecial InterestTechnology
FRISEP 13European Heritage DaysEducationInternationalGermanHistorical
FRISEP 13Mid-Autumn FestivalCulturalChinese
FRISEP 13National Celiac Disease Awareness DayHealthHealth
FRISEP 13National Peanut DayFood & BeverageFood
FRISEP 13Pitru PakshaReligiousHinduIndian Holidays
SATSEP 14German Language DayEducationInternationalGerman
SATSEP 14International Stuttering Awareness DayHealthHealth
SATSEP 14National Coloring DayArts & EntertainmentFun
SUNSEP 15Batman DayArts & EntertainmentFunPop Culture
SUNSEP 15International Day of DemocracyCause
SUNSEP 15International Dot DayRelationshipsFamily
SUNSEP 15National Gymnastics DaySportsHobby
SUNSEP 15National Linguine DayFood & BeverageFood
SUNSEP 15Shout of DoloresInternationalCatholicFamilyHistoricalMexicanParty
SUNSEP 15Wife Appreciation DayRelationships
MONSEP 16Mexican Independence DayFederalMexican
MONSEP 16National Guacamole DayFood & BeverageFood
TUESEP 17Constitution DayGovernmentHistorical
TUESEP 17International Patient Safety DayHealthHealth
WEDSEP 18National Cheeseburger DayFood & BeverageCheeseFood
WEDSEP 18National First Love DayRelationships
WEDSEP 18National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness DayHealthHealth
WEDSEP 18National School Backpack Awareness DayHealthChildrenHealthParents
THUSEP 19Get Ready DayHealthHealth
THUSEP 19National Meow Like a Pirate DayAnimalsPet
THUSEP 19International Talk Like a Pirate DaySpecial InterestActivities
FRISEP 20German World Children’s DayFamilyChildrenFamily
FRISEP 20National Pepperoni Pizza DayFood & BeverageFood
FRISEP 20National Punch DayFun
FRISEP 20National Queso DayFood & BeverageCheese
SATSEP 21National Day of Civic HackingSpecial InterestTechnology
SATSEP 21International Day of PeaceCause
SATSEP 21National Dance DayArts & Entertainment
SUNSEP 22Falls Prevention Awareness DayHealthHealth
SUNSEP 22National Elephant Appreciation DayEnvironmentalWildlife
SUNSEP 22Hobbit DaySci-FiPop CultureWeird National
SUNSEP 22National Ice Cream Cone DayFood & BeverageFood
SUNSEP 22National Singles DayRelationshipsPop CultureRomance
SUNSEP 22National White Chocolate DayChocolate
MONSEP 23First Day of FallSeasonalMeteorological
MONSEP 23National Dogs in Politics DayAnimalsPet
TUESEP 24​National Voter Registration DayCauseCivic
TUESEP 24National Cherries Jubilee DayFood & BeverageDessertFood
WEDSEP 25Heritage DayFun
WEDSEP 25National Comic Book DayArts & EntertainmentFunSci-Fi
WEDSEP 25National Cooking DayFood & BeverageFood
WEDSEP 25National Lobster DayFood & BeverageFood
THUSEP 26Johnny Appleseed Day
THUSEP 26National Dumpling DayFood & Beverage
THUSEP 26National Family DayRelationshipsFamily
THUSEP 26National Mesothelioma Awareness DayHealth
THUSEP 26National Pancake DayFood & BeverageFood
FRISEP 27AFL Grand Final FridaySportsCrazyFamily
FRISEP 27German Sandwich DayFood & Beverage
FRISEP 27National Crush DayEnvironmentalCivic
FRISEP 27Pchum BenReligiousBuddhist
FRISEP 27Sport Purple for Platelets DayHealthHealth
FRISEP 27World Tourism DaySpecial InterestActivities
SATSEP 28National Bunny DayAnimals
SATSEP 28National Drink Beer DayFood & BeverageLiquor
SATSEP 28National Hunting and Fishing DaySportsLifestyle
SATSEP 28National Neighbor DayRelationshipsCivic
SATSEP 28National Public Lands DayEnvironmentalCivic
SATSEP 28World Rabies DayAnimalsPet
SUNSEP 29Family Health & Fitness Day USAHealthHealth
SUNSEP 29Mysore DasaraReligiousHindu
SUNSEP 29National Coffee DayFood & BeverageLiquor
SUNSEP 29National Starbucks DayBrandLifestylePop Culture
SUNSEP 29NavratriReligiousHinduIndian Holidays
SUNSEP 29Rosh HashanahJewish
SUNSEP 29World Heart DayHealthHealth
MONSEP 30​National Love People DayRelationshipsLove
MONSEP 30International Podcast DaySpecial InterestTechnology
SEPTEMBERAnimal Pain Awareness MonthAnimalsCatDog
SEPTEMBERBaby Safety MonthFamilyChildrenParents
SEPTEMBERBetter Breakfast MonthFood & Beverage
SEPTEMBERIntergeneration MonthFamily
SEPTEMBERNational Chicken MonthFood & Beverage
SEPTEMBERNational Cholesterol Education MonthHealth
SEPTEMBERNational Honey MonthFood & Beverage
SEPTEMBERNational Learning and Development MonthEducation
SEPTEMBERNational Papaya MonthFood & Beverage
SEPTEMBERNational Peripheral Artery Disease Awareness MonthAwarenessseptember
SEPTEMBERNational Suicide Prevention MonthHealth
SEPTEMBER1–8National Waffle WeekFood & Beverage
SEPTEMBERPolycystic Ovarian Syndrome Awareness MonthHealth
SEPTEMBERSelf Improvement MonthEducation
SEPTEMBERSexual Health MonthHealth
SEPTEMBERWorld Alzheimer’s MonthHealth
SEPTEMBER8–15National Assisted Living WeekHealth
SEPTEMBER8–15Nephrology Nurses WeekCareerHealthHealth
SEPTEMBERHispanic Heritage MonthCauseCultural
SEPTEMBER15–22National Eczema WeekHealth
SEPTEMBER15–22National Surgical Technologists WeekCareer
SEPTEMBER16–23​National Rehabilitation Awareness WeekHealth
SEPTEMBER16–23Balance Awareness WeekHealth
SEPTEMBER22–29​Active Aging WeekHealth
SEPTEMBER23–30​Child Passenger Safety Awareness WeekCause
SEPTEMBER24–1​Deaf Dog Awareness Week
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