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August 8th is just around the corner, honoring the purr-fect companionship between humans and their furry friends on International Cat Day. Save the date and join the celebration with cat owners worldwide. Raise awareness and earn a profit, selling one kitty product at a time.

To celebrate this special day, let’s take a walk through the history of International Cat Day, look at some fun ideas on how to spend it, and check out popular pet products to promote for every furry feline friend and their human.

History of International Cat Day

Ancient Egyptians believed cats to be godlike and divine, a mindset every cat carries to this day.

The history of the majestic feline creature is fascinating and takes place all around the world. From independent wildcats in the East to snobby, purring pets in the South. Let’s look at the timeline and some paw-some facts that led to the big decision to declare a special day for our feline friends.

  • 10,000 BC – The Beginning of It All

The Near East was the first to domesticate wildcats, and scientists believe it first began around 12,000 years ago.

  • 7,000 BC – The Oldest Known Pet Cat

French archeologists found human and cat remains buried in Cyprus, indicating that this could be one of the first pet cats known to mankind.

  • 3,000 BC – Cats Allowed Indoors

Around this time, the Ancient Egyptians started to allow their feline friends to come inside to keep mice and other unwelcome rodents at bay.

  • 1919 – Felix the Cat Takes the World by Storm

The world’s first animated film star was created – Felix the cat. Coming in the form of a family-friendly short film, “Feline Follies”.

  • 1978 – Garfield is Born

The debut of a comic with a feline, which later becomes an epitome of domesticated cats – comfy, cozy, lazy royalties.

  • 1997 – A Cat Becomes Mayor

Stubbs becomes the mayor of a small town in Alaska. Purr-haps the most beloved mayor to this day. His ruling is fair, honest, and citizen-friendly.

  • 2002 – The Culmination by International Fund for Animal Welfare

Reacting to all the cat history and significant events highlighting the importance of our feline companions, the International Fund for Animal Welfare declares August 8th as International Cat Day to raise awareness and educate people on the importance of adoption, protection, and care for cats worldwide.

International Cat Day Celebration Ideas

International Cat Day – Top 10 Trending Products to Sell Online 2

From an International Cat Day party to making the world a better place by adopting a kitty, donating, sharing advice, life stories, or raising awareness. You can celebrate International Cat Day and contribute to the cause in many ways.

Adopt a Cat

What better way to celebrate International Cat Day than by getting a precious fur baby yourself? Cats are fun and entertaining pets that are proven to be good companions, improving our mental health. Cats can lower stress and anxiety levels and create a bond that will last a lifetime. However, be educated and make a responsible decision before you choose the fun life of a cat owner.

Help Out a Local Shelter

Becoming a volunteer or donor can help animal shelters care for stray cats and dogs. Even if for a day, you can make many lives better and warm little hearts by contributing your time, resources, love, and affection. Bond with the kitties on World Cat Day and celebrate the institutions contributing to their wellbeing.

Donate to a Cat Charity

Search for local or global cat charities and celebrate International Cat Day by helping countries protect and care for their cats. Many charities are created to help with vet appointments, food supplies, housing, and other important causes. Join any of them and celebrate the joy that cats bring into the world.

Spend the Day With Your Cat

If you already have a paw-some companion, save the date and spend International Cat Day the best way possible – with your furry friend. From snuggles, walks, and mani-pedis to epic gifts and a royal feast. Celebrate World Cat Day by pampering your cat from head to tail. After all, this day is all about them.

Visit the Big Cats at the Zoo

What would International Cat Day be without the ones who started it all? Don’t forget about the big cats and kittens at the zoo, who are the ultimate ancestors of the domesticated fur balls that this day was created for. Visit the zoo with kids, friends, and family and educate them and yourself on how to protect and help cats around the world.

Create and Sell Cat-Themed Products

Adding cat-themed designs to a selection of products will boost your sales and profits and help you raise awareness. Promote International Cat Day designs and donate part of the profits to cat charities, shelters, or other helpful organizations. The POD world is your oyster.

Top 10 Products to Sell for International Cat Day

While nothing beats a new cat toy or a delicious treat to end their perfect day, there are many useful and fun products to add to your online store. From a practical cat carrier to a comfy mat, don’t miss your chance to claim your space in the market with exclusive cat-themed merchandise.

International Cat Day - Pet Bed

Pet Bed

Cats spend 70% of their lives sleeping. With that number in mind, a comfy and soft bed is precisely what every cat needs to cushion their mice-filled dreams. Customize our polyester – cotton blend pet bed and promote International Cat Day sales with the best comfort and unique designs.

  • Indoor-use only
  • Removable cover
  • Shape-retaining insert
  • Front-side print

International Cat Day - Pet Bowl

Pet Bowl

Spruce up the feeding time with custom bowls for cat owners who want to add a bit of personality to their pet gear. Our white ceramic pet bowls are long-lasting, practical, and made for vibrant designs – perfect for all the kibble connoisseurs of the world.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Front-side print
  • Glazed finish

International Cat Day - Pet Feeding Mat

Pet Feeding Mat

Pair your personalized cat bowls with custom feeding mats for the International Cat Day feast of 2022. Even a feeding mat can be part of the kitchen decor with bright and fun designs. Add personalized patterns and charm all cats with a fine dining experience with your custom feeding mats.

  • Anti-slip
  • One side print
  • Bone/Fish shape
  • Strong and durable

International Cat Day - Pet Bandana

Pet Bandana

Welcome International Cat Day in style with custom cat bandanas. This is your chance to bless the world of pet attire with unique cat-themed designs, from paw prints to fishbones or a meaningful message. Spread the word on cats and their issues worldwide with custom bandanas for our furry friends.

  • One side print
  • 100% polyester
  • Hemmed edges
  • One size (25″ × 12″)

International Cat Day - Pet Tag

Pet Tag

Pet owners’ biggest nightmare is losing their precious kitty or pooch without a trace. Luckily, our product catalog offers something that will ease their worries and provide a solution for cats who like to roam around and explore – a custom tag. Personalized tags will safeguard important information in style, ensuring every pair of whiskers is safe and sound.

  • Print on both sides
  • Metal clip included
  • White coated metal

Although International Cat Day celebrates cats in all their glory, you can save this date to promote merchandise for cats and their humans. In gratitude for improving their health and keeping company, cat lovers and supporters will gladly dress themselves and their surroundings in cat-themed designs.

International Cat Day - Cat T-Shirt

Custom Cat T-Shirts

What would an International Cat Day be without custom cat t-shirts? The evergreen piece of apparel is a must-have in every online store and wardrobe, being comfy, stylish, and practical. Paired with just about everything, our bestsellers will be the perfect cat-themed addition to your custom designs.

  • Popular brands
  • Soft materials
  • All-over-print

International Cat Day - Cat Socks

Cat Socks

Socks are becoming the go-to accessories for those who want to express themselves, their personalities, interests, and style. Support International Cat Day and its cause by promoting creative cat-themed socks. From powerful messages to hiss-terical designs, create cat socks for every cat enthusiast.

  • Different lengths
  • All-over print
  • Sublimation and DTG prints

International Cat Day - Cat Stickers

Cat Stickers

Promote International Cat Day in all its glory, spread awareness, or simply delight all cat lovers and enthusiasts with custom cat stickers. These custom babies with sticky cats and related designs will practically sell themselves, being perfect for different surfaces, long-lasting, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Water-resistant
  • Different types of stickers
  • Eco-friendly

International Cat Day - Cat Laptop Sleeves

Cat Laptop Sleeves

All cats love to sleep on warm surfaces. Our laptops often being one of them. Provide protection for the gadgets and a stylish mattress for the kitties simultaneously by promoting custom laptop sleeves with cat-themed designs.

  • Made of smooth neoprene
  • Water-resistant
  • Front-side print

International Cat Day - Cat Mug

Cat Mug

People who have or like cats will appreciate a custom mug with a pretty design made to honor the majestic beauty these feline creatures possess. From a daily cup of coffee to a beverage of any kind, mugs are one of the most evergreen products used worldwide.

  • Various shapes and sizes
  • Different print areas
  • Durable materials

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