I know you maybe searching for the best platform to sell print-on-demend products, just like i was 2 years ago! but guess what look no more I will save you the time and hustle and share with you the perfect platform that may fit you business goals just like you wanted. How do I know that? I am a print-on-demand business owner my self and Printful helped me grow business quicker and better, so I will share with you the steps you need take to start your own print-o-demand business or even build your brand.

  1. Open An Account:

opening an account on Printful is very easy process. Just follow this steps below.

A. Go to printful.com and go to the up right side click sign up.

B. Enter your personal information and your email, and agree to TOS and click Sign up!

After creating your account set up your payment and shipping information, how you want to pay Printful and how faster you want your orders out. to learn more about payment and shipping information on Printful click here.

Now, Congratulations!! you just created your Printful account.

2. Choose A Platform to Sell your Products on:

Now, you may already chosen the platform you want sell your products on, wether this will be on your woo-commerce website or shopify or Etsy, or any other platforms. Printful can be integrated with all the above and more. If you have not decided which platform you use yet? no worries you can go to Printful Comparison Chart to choose the perfect platform to sell your products on.

3. Integrate your website with Printful:

After choosing the platform you going to be selling your products on, you need integrate it with Printful to automate your store to let Printful fulfill and ship orders for you, and save yourself the time and hustle.

To integrate your website with printful there are plenty of videos on Printful Youtube Channel shows you just how to do that.

4. Create your First Product Listing:

Now your shop is open for business you need to create product listings to start earning money, and here is the fun part! printful has a variety of collections and products to choose from: T-shirts, Hoodies, hats, baby Onsies, Posters, Stockers and more…

All you need to do is to go Printful product costume products and schoose what you want to sell. to choose a product Click on Add product and choose which product you want to sell and import your design and push it to your store and you good to go!

5. Focus on bringing costumer to your store:

With al heavy lifting stuff out of the way, now you should focus on building your costumer list and creating awesome designs and art work that attract buyers. There are few ways to increase you sales and earn more money faster and better. wether by building a brand or a targeting a specific niche you need have a strategy on mind for whom your costumer is? and what the types of products they like? and what will attract them and makes them stay loyal to you.

Furthermore, by creating a unique designs you will distinguish yourself from the market and stands out. I understand that does not sound possible for me at first, but now we found Printful we should not have an excuse. Good luck for you crushing it with Printful! I believe in you.

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