There are two effective ways to increase Merch by Amazon Sales:

  1. Evergreen Designs With AMS:

Make designs that sell all year round and run ads on Amazon for visibility. You have bid a little low for a long term to get initiate sales and then rise the prices slowly as you go but do not turn the ads off, keep them running, Once you gain stability in sales you can lower the bid and get the dat from the ads report and optimize your keywords and run manual campaigns. It usually takes about two weeks to get a good amount of data on AMS. The dat will include the search term that costumers are looking or using to find your products and based on those keywords you can create new campaigns or even new designs to match with the market demand with more accurate products.

If you want to know how to create AMS account on Amazon or learn more about it check out this Post here.

2. Trends:

This is the second method a lot of Merch by Amazon sellers use, which is to find a trending topic or an event on social media or the news and then create designs based on them. The trends usually do not last long they sell for a period of time, and then they drop, so you have to keep looking for trends all the time and keep up with the current news and events.

These are some websites that help you find trends:

  1. Mercherworld
  2. Google News
  3. Google Trends
  4. Trend Hunter

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