I will get straight to the point with this topic because theres is too many false informations and articles out there, so in this article I will give you the exact steps to take to get verified! It is not going to be easy to be honest but it’s worth it.

In order for Instagram to verify an account of a person or a company they need to know if you really need a verified account or not. So who needs a verified account?
1. Celebrities

2. Brands

3. Big companies

basically anyone who the public have interest in and they do this verification so they can make them stand out from the crowd and get recognized and also to eliminate fake accounts made under their name so people know if the account is legitimate or not. As you may know there are a lot of scammers out there who impersonated other people to scam people and do their dirty work. So what should you do to get verified?
1. Create a profile in as many Social Media platforms as possible.
2. Build a following base and get your name out there for people to search and share.
3. Provide you real information in these profiles and always upload a profile picture.
4. Be active and interactive when using your profiles and share content that are sharable so everyone will talk and share your content and search your name on google. The more search volume the more notability.
4. Build a website or a blog and always mention your name on the work you do and share it on social media.

like I said this is not going to be overnight process and many people even with million of followers cannot get verified that because people simply does not search their names enough on the internet! So make sure your push your name out there so people do not forget it and always looking to get to know you or see more of your content.

hope this article helped you get verified next time on Instagram . Good luck!

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