It is not easy to gain a sale on Merch By Amazon These Days, but certainly not impossible. I have brought to you the best ways to make sales and tier up on Merh By Amazon and make more sale. Here are few ways that will help you to make sales:

Amazon Marketing Services

While this is a paid serrvice but it is definetley the best way and the fastest of making sales if you know how to use it. Amazon has enabled AMS for Merch now and you can sign up for the same. You would have received a small invite code from Amazon to sign up on it. The sign up code will be on the bottom of your Merch account.

Start running AMS campaigns on T-Shirts that have good designs and you think will sell and have good volumes. run an Auto campaign to start with and bid low as .20 cent.

After a week later check your Ads report and analyze the data and find out what costumer re searching for. Then pause the Auto Campaign and run Manual & Competition campaign on converting keywords and competing products.


2. Fill all the Slots

Always Make Sure To fill up all the slots of your tiers to start selling more T-Shirts, Popsockets and Hoodies organically, because the more the slots that you’ve filled, more the chances of getting the sales organically.

Research well and see which T-Shirts are selling. For this, use an in-depth analytics tool like Merch Informer [High Recommended] which helps you with the following:

  1. Top 1000 Selling Merch By Amazon Shirts
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. Top Movers and Shakers – Shirts whose BSR moved drastically on a day

3. Social media (Instagram)

If you want to build a sustainable Print on Demand Business, keep building your brand on Merch By Amazon and simultaneously build one on Instagram.

Instagram has a huge shopping audience and converts really well.

Start building your Instagram profile as a T-Shirt company with the same branding that you use in Merch By Amazon.

Post relevant content, tips, fashion guides, influencer content and promote your T-Shirts on it. Stories have been working great for selling Merch By Amazon T-Shirts.

4. Influencer Marketing

Identify influencers for shout outs for your T-Shirts. Make sure to pick up influencers with real and legit following.

Carefully choose a T-Shirt that fits the niche of the influencer and mail them with a potential deal.

There are two ways to do this – you pay them a commission for every sale they make (you can track commissions through Amazon Affiliates tag id) or you give them an upfront money for selected tasks.

Let’s say, you pay them $30 for 2 Story Shout-outs, 2 Days Profile id link change and 2 Posts. The outreach sold 12 T-Shirts overall with a profit of $5 each.

You Paid: $30
Your Revenue : $60

Your Profit: $30

5. Join Merch By Amazon Groups on Facebook

Trends, Tips and information about Merch By Amazon changes literally every month. From introduction of Popsockets to entering into new markets like UK and Germany, it’s important to stay updated with the latest Merch By Amazon news and tricks.

You can join Merch Mastery Facebook group to get updated with latest Merch by Amazon Sales tricks, design advice, emerging trends and important updates about Merch By Amazon.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them and I’d be happy to help you regarding Merch By Amazon.

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