Merch by Amazon is Print by demand Platform that allow to you put designs on shirts or pop sockets and get a royalty sales from Amazon when the product sold.

It’s free to sign up, But there is a waiting time for approval and that can take from few days to months to be processed.

Learn How to Design T-Shirts or Hire a Designer

If you are going to get money based on designs you must make a good quality designs that attract costumers to your T-Shirts and makes them willing to pay for it.

You don’t have to be an expert in designing, you could just make a simple typography or letters that represents something and you should be good to go. Of course if you know how to make good designs that will be a plus.

Fllow Up with The Trends

Merch by Amazon business relies mostly on trends and things that are happening at the time. people would want to purchase a shirt that represents something they stand for or a message, or an idea or passion. So you must be specific and makes things connect to each other by providing related designs.

You can make researches on Amazon or outside on amazon. For example in Social Media like Facebook, Instagram or any other platforms that you have presence at. Because if you have Followers or subscribers of friends that follow your content they will be willing to pay for your work.

Follow Merch By Amazon Guidelines

When uploading a design to Merch By Amazon make sure you design is unique and does not violate Merch by Amazon guidelines because that could harm your account and May even be Suspended.

This is s serious step, and if you do it right you will not worry about losing your account ever. Amazon very strict on violations and that does not mean you will never get a design rejected, but you just have to be careful from copying someone’s else work.

you can read more about Merch by amazon guidelines here.

Don’t Wait

While you are thinking about starting on Merch By Amazon, you should submit an application and send them an invitation to apply for Merch By Amazon. 

Don;t hesitate to ask any questions you have to me or anyone that have experience on Amazon.

You can also leave a comment here in this post and I will get to you personally and answer your question if i know the answer.

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