Here are the top Print-on-Demand Websites to Sell Merchandise for 2020

Print o demand is one of the best ways to make money on 2020 and I have been using print on demand for years now and and I tried many websites so I decided in this answer i am sharing my personal experience:

  1. Redbubble: is a print on demand platform and it is very good option if you looking to sell high quality vectors on products. So i personally like it and I recommenced it. It is known for stickers because they are the most selling items for me in Redbubble.
  2. Teespring It is also really good platform but you have to make sure you make some sales initially own your own. It has trust score for creators. So you have to build it 1st. I haven’t made much sales from it.
  3. Teepublic Teepublic is just like Redbubble, it also does marketing for your products and work similarly. I have made some sales but not better than redbubble.
  4. Spreadshirt The disadvantage of Spreadshirt is it doesn’t do marketing for you and it’s greatest advantage is price of products here are really low than other platforms, so you have to spend money on marketing and manage it yourself here.
  5. Merch By Amazon Merch by amazon is one of the best print on demand website. But here there is one problem and that is you have to get approved here. I have been rejected from merch by amazon 2 times so i don’t have any experience for this. But i have heard that it is really good platform for print on demand.
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