SATAUG 1DOGust 1st: Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs
SATAUG 1National Girlfriend Day
SATAUG 1National Mustard Day
SATAUG 1Spider-Man Day
SUNAUG 2National Coloring Book Day
SUNAUG 2National Friendship Day
SUNAUG 2National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
SUNAUG 2National Sisters Day
MONAUG 3British Columbia Day
MONAUG 3Civic Holiday
MONAUG 3Heritage Day in Alberta
MONAUG 3Natal Day
MONAUG 3National Watermelon Day
MONAUG 3National White Wine Day
MONAUG 3New Brunswick Day
MONAUG 3New South Wales Bank Holiday
MONAUG 3Northern Territory Picnic Day
MONAUG 3Terry Fox Day
MONAUG 3Tom Brady’s Birthday
TUEAUG 4Barack Obama’s Birthday
TUEAUG 4National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
TUEAUG 4U.S. Coast Guard Birthday
WEDAUG 5National Underwear Day
WEDAUG 5Regatta Day
WEDAUG 5Work Like a Dog Day
THUAUG 6National Root Beer Float Day
FRIAUG 7International Beer Day
FRIAUG 7National Lighthouse Day
SATAUG 8International Cat Day
SATAUG 8National Bowling Day
SATAUG 8National Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day 
SATAUG 8Peace Festival in Augsburg
SUNAUG 9National Book Lovers Day
SUNAUG 9National Women’s Day
MONAUG 10National Lazy Day
MONAUG 10National Spoil Your Dog Day
TUEAUG 11Mountain Day
TUEAUG 11National Son and Daughter Day
WEDAUG 12International Youth Day
WEDAUG 12National Middle Child Day
WEDAUG 12National Vinyl Record Day
WEDAUG 12Purple Heart Day
WEDAUG 12Royal National Agricultural Show Day
THUAUG 13International Lefthanders Day
FRIAUG 14National Financial Awareness Day
FRIAUG 14Pakistan Independence Day
SATAUG 15Chant at the Moon Day
SATAUG 15Feast of the Assumption
SATAUG 15Indian Independence Day
SATAUG 15International Homeless Animals Day
SATAUG 15National Back To School Prep Day
SATAUG 15National Relaxation Day
SUNAUG 16National Roller Coaster Day
SUNAUG 16National Rum Day
SUNAUG 16National Tell A Joke Day
MONAUG 17Discovery Day
MONAUG 17National Black Cat Appreciation Day
TUEAUG 18National Couple’s Day
TUEAUG 18National Fajita Day
WEDAUG 19Islamic New Year
WEDAUG 19National Aviation Day
WEDAUG 19National Potato Day
WEDAUG 19World Humanitarian Day
THUAUG 20National Lemonade Day
THUAUG 20National Radio Day
FRIAUG 21Gold Cup Parade
FRIAUG 21National Senior Citizens Day
FRIAUG 21Ninoy Aquino Day
SATAUG 22Ganesh Chaturthi
SATAUG 22National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day
SATAUG 22National Tooth Fairy Day
SATAUG 22World Plant Milk Day
SUNAUG 23Cheap Flight Day
SUNAUG 23Health Unit Coordinators Day
SUNAUG 23National Sponge Cake Day
MONAUG 24Kobe Bryant Remembrance Day
MONAUG 24National Waffle Day
TUEAUG 25National Banana Split Day
TUEAUG 25National Secondhand Wardrobe Day
WEDAUG 26National Dog Day
WEDAUG 26Women’s Equality Day
THUAUG 27International Lottery Day
THUAUG 27National Just Because Day
FRIAUG 28Ashura
FRIAUG 28National Red Wine Day
FRIAUG 28Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day
SATAUG 29National Lemon Juice Day
SUNAUG 30National Beach Day
SUNAUG 30National Holistic Pet Day
SUNAUG 30Notting Hill Carnival
MONAUG 31National Heroes’ Day
MONAUG 31National Trail Mix Day
AUGUSTBack to School Month 
AUGUSTNational Breastfeeding Month
AUGUSTNational Eye Exam Month
AUGUSTNational Immunization Awareness Month
AUGUST2–8International Assistance Dog Week
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