Are you interested in selling products on Etsy? This blog post is your first step in your new professional journey. And the best part – you don’t need to be crafty and make handmade products to sell on Etsy.

We’re listing 80+ of the best Etsy shop ideas that you can start by simply designing products from our catalog. We’re sharing which products sell well, how to tailor your shop to customer demand, and ways to market your store to ensure you stand out from the competition.

What Sells Well on Etsy?

We all want our Etsy stores to be a success. And the best way to ensure our eCommerce business takes off is by selling highly-sought after products. But with so many products available, it can be difficult to decide on a niche for your Etsy business. Fortunately, selling items on Etsy isn’t just a guessing game; there are certified ways to learn what sells well on Etsy shops.

The key to successfully selling items online is to pick a popular product, but ensure you’re not competing with too many other Etsy sellers. A profitable store identifies what sells well and provides these products in a unique and interesting way.

Ideas From Etsy Search

One of the easiest ways to gauge Etsy’s top searched items is by viewing the automatic suggestions. Begin by typing a letter into the Etsy search bar.

See what the most popular products are and type this in to see further suggestions.

Product Ideas for Etsy Searchbar

Play around by looking at the top suggestions for highly-searched products until you happen to come across one you’re interested in or think is a good business idea.

Ideas From Etsy Shops

If you’re looking for Etsy shop ideas, rather than just popular products, you can explore popular stores. Find a store with a niche you’re interested in, view their overall sales, and what products sell the best. Statistics from other shops indicate what products sell well on Etsy.

Etsy Shop Ideas Popular Products
Source: Etsy/Crystalapparelusa

Using this information, you can create an Etsy shop based on similar products. Or you can use this Etsy shop idea to stock more popular products in your existing store.

Google Trends- Holiday Trends

External tools and software can also help you find lucrative Etsy shop ideas. For example, Google Trends uncovers the most-searched terms and items on Google.

Google Trends is particularly helpful for discovering seasonal and holiday trends. Although these products range from home decor, clothing, jewelry, and other unique items, they’re all festive themed and likely to start selling during the holiday season.

Related topics for “Christmas gift ideas”, United States

Not only does Google Trends tell you the items people are searching for, but it also lets you filter your search by location, time, and categories, making it easier to find what your ideal target customer is looking for.

Etsy Shop Ideas Christmas

Etsy Research Tools

If you’re a serious and experienced Etsy seller looking for additional Etsy shop ideas, you may benefit from using paid tools. Etsy research tools such as Alura or eRank can help you identify best-selling items and scale your shop. Make sure to do your research and decide if paying for these resources is worth the investment.

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80+ Etsy Shop Ideas for You

Etsy Shop Ideas Accessories


Accessories are highly-desired products because they provide both style and substance. Not only do consumers need fashion accessories for their daily lives, but they’re also willing to pay more for a stylish and high-quality product.

Below is a popular customized tote bag design currently available on Etsy. This simple product and design have sold at least 222 units (considering that not each customer submits reviews). With the help of Printify, you can create and customize tote bags like these on your Etsy shop.

Etsy Shop Ideas Tote Bag Etsy Shop Ideas Product Reviews

Source: Etsy/LizzielaneBoutique

Here is a selection of fashion accessory Etsy shop ideas to choose from:

1. Tote Bags

A sturdy tote bag is a daily essential for many people. These spacious bags are ideal for a trip to the supermarket or carrying your workday essentials. Easy customization means you can create one-of-a-kind tote bags for your customers.

At Printify, you can choose between different sized canvas tote bags or All Over Print tote bags for your all-encompassing designs.

Unleash your inner artist and create a selection of customized tote bags that your Etsy shop customers won’t be able to resist.

2. Pencil Cases

Encourage your customers to carry their stationery in style with fun pencil case designs. To create your own version of this popular product, pick a design that will make you stand out from the others and order through Printify.

With a unique pencil case, your customers will be able to keep track of their stationary, even in an overcrowded office or busy school day.

3. Face Masks

The coronavirus pandemic has encouraged people to be health-conscious and diligent with their hygiene routine. Face masks have become a non-negotiable accessory for many people. And Etsy’s face mask sales reflect this shift in perspective. The site has over 500 000 results for face masks, and this number continues to rise.

As face masks have become a fashion accessory as well as a safety precaution, people want cute and attractive designs. Printify has a range of face masks suitable for men, women, and children. Create a selection of customized face masks, or pick one design that ties in with the rest of your shop’s accessories.

4. Laptop Sleeves

Wave goodbye to generic laptop cases and introduce a fun and unique laptop sleeve to your customers.

Printify’s laptop sleeves aren’t only completely customizable (front and back), but they’re also lightweight, water resistant, and created using smooth neoprene.

5. Clutch Bags

Make that evening out even more special with a clutch bag that perfectly compliments your outfit.

Help your customers feel their best and most confident selves with a beautiful clutch bag. Printify’s Vegan leather, Saffiano pattern finish clutch bags make perfect fashion accessories. Choose a color that matches your store niche, or pick a design that encapsulates your brand aesthetic.

6. Sleeping Masks

Who doesn’t want to catch some ‘Zs’ while sporting a comfortable, plush eye mask. At Printify, we know how important beauty sleep is, which is why we provide fully-customizable and comfortable sleep masks.

Help your customers sleep easy by providing a sleep mask that matches their favorite set of pajamas. Or create fun and quirky designs that will make this product an awesome gift choice.

7. Socks

Keep your customer’s feet cozy during the cold weather with a range of customizable socks. Choose from several different sock styles, including the best-selling sublimation socks.

Pick between subtle and stylish, or make a statement with bold colors, patterns, and prints. The perfect product to sell since everyone needs socks.

8. Underwear

Underwear is more popular than you might think among Etsy customers. Instead of shopping on the high street for their undergarments, people are shopping on Etsy for underwear that delivers both comfort and attraction, or even as an unique and fun gift.

Create cute customized underwear or opt for something fun and silly based on your target-audience needs.

9. Cosmetic Bags

Well-organized cosmetics are the first step to achieving a flawless beauty regime.

Personalized cosmetic bags are an extremely popular product on Etsy. Here is an example of a customized cosmetic bag that has over 300 sales with multiple five-star reviews. Simple design, yet great demand. Cosmetic bags are ideal gifts, meaning they sell well during the holidays and throughout the year.

10. Backpacks

Selling backpacks is a brilliant Etsy shop idea. Everyone needs something to carry their daily essentials, and backpacks are the most practical bag style.

Printify has a range of unisex fabric backpacks. Pick from several different backpack styles and create a bag that suits your customer’s style and purpose. This product can have a great profit margin as it may not be that easy to get a fully personalized backpack elsewhere, so customers are ready.

11. Phone Cases

Etsy is one of the first places people look for fun, unique, and protective phone cases. With almost half a million results and thousands of attractive designs, Etsy has become consumers’ one-stop shop for personalized phone cases.

Pick from our wide range of phone case options, including a biodegradable case for those running sustainable shops, and create an eye-catching phone case your customers won’t be able to resist. Not only are our phone cases made using high-quality, durable materials, but they’re completely customizable, too.

12. Embroidered Hats

Etsy customers are always looking for accessories with a difference, and you can provide them with embroidered hats.

Exhibit detailed craftsmanship combined with popular hat styles on your Etsy shop. Pick from trucker caps, beanies, and flat caps and create a fashion accessory your Etsy shop customers will be excited to get their hands on.

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13. Beach Bags

As soon as the summer sun hits, your customers want to head down to the beach for a stress-free day of soaking up rays. Help them enjoy their summer with a bag that’s big enough to carry their beach essentials. Add identifiable prints, colors, and patterns to make sure their bag stands out on the sand.

14. School Backpacks

School backpacks are no longer just a way to carry your stationery; they’re a fashion statement.

Whether they’re young children or mature students, your customers want to look stylish while attending school. With a Printify school backpack, you can combine practicality and style to encourage your customers to feel their best while on campus.

15. Leather Card Holder

There’s nothing classier than a luxury card holder or wallet.

At Printify, we stock Saffiano Leather Card Holders. These classy accessories are perfect presents or an eloquent way to update your accessories. If you’re searching for higher-end Etsy shop ideas, why not create a store with smart and sophisticated products like the Saffiano leather cardholder?

16. Accessory Pouch

Prompt your customers to purchase a pouch to keep their precious items in when traveling or as storage. A T-bottom accessory pouch is ideal for vintage items, jewelry, and hair accessories. Perfect your Etsy shop aesthetic by customizing your pouch to match the other bags and fashion products in your range.

17. Baby Accessories

If you’re struggling to decide on an Etsy shop idea, have you considered running an Etsy shop dedicated to baby products? Not only will you have a constant flow of business from new mothers, but people searching for unique gifts for new babies and mothers to be will also visit your store.

Baby products are a popular and lucrative product category. Printify can help you create a range of unique baby products for your Etsy store. The following products are available for customization on Printify so you can create a bestselling Etsy store.

  • Baby changing pad covers
  • Baby beanies
  • Baby swaddle blankets
  • Baby bibs

The Etsy store below sells in the baby product category and has achieved over 63 200 sales selling personalized baby clothes and bodysuits. Based on the oldest shop reviews from 2016, the shop has been operating for 5 years. Whether you’re searching for Etsy store ideas as a hobby or a long-term full-time business, baby products are a profitable category.

Etsy Shop Ideas Personalized Baby Products
Source: Etsy/BlueGiraffeApparel

18. Mouse Pads

Quirky one-of-a-kind mouse pad will make any home office desk or gaming set stand out.

At Printify, we understand your customers are very particular about their desk accessories. We stock several different mouse pad styles so you can cater to your Etsy customers’ needs.

19. Luggage Tags

Luggage tags aren’t just a practical accessory; they’re also a stylish way to upgrade every traveler’s luggage.

Etsy only stocks just under 10 000 products in this product category. Luggage tags are the perfect example of a popular product without too many sellers providing them. Fill the gap in the market and create classy, fun, or cute luggage tags.

20. Fanny Packs

While some people believe that 80s fashion trends are coming back, others know that they never really went away. Custom fanny packs are a timeless fusion between an easily accessible extra pocket and a bold fashion statement.

Encourage your customers to stand out at their next festival or provide somewhere for them to pop their essentials while out on an early morning dog walk.

21. Poker Cards

Game night just got an upgrade. Let anyone keep track of their poker cards with impressive back designs. Since this is such a specific product, you know right away what type of customers you want to target.

22. Compact Mirrors

Face masks are notorious for ruining makeup. But with a compact mirror, you can check how you look while on the go.

Help your customers always look their best with a cute compact mirror for their handbag or clutch. Design a compact mirror that’s just as radiant as your loyal customers and they’ll be instant best sellers.

23. Zipper Wallets

Some people might think we live in a cashless world, but we know better and so do Etsy customers. The security and stylistic features of a zipper wallet make them very attractive products. Help your customers look cute while taking care of their cash with a secure and handy zipper wallet.

24. Business Card Holders

With a business card holder your customers have a sophisticated way to share their business cards. Not only does a business card holder look professional and polished, it also protects cards from becoming bent or damaged. The perfect product to showcase professionalism while networking.

25. Pin Buttons

Etsy shoppers love sharing their passions, and pins are a fashionable way to do so. You can target nearly any audience by creating customized designs that showcase their interests and passions.

26. Jewelry Box

A custom jewelry box is perfect to keep precious pieces of jewelry in one place. Not only will jewelry be safe on a soft felt bed in a high-quality rubberwood container, the ornamental box will enrich home interiors too.

Etsy Shop Ideas Home And Lifestyle

Home & Lifestyle Etsy Shop Ideas

Home and lifestyle products are one of the most popular categories sold by small businesses on Etsy. A range of people require these products, and Etsy is a great place to discover them at an affordable price and with a personal touch. If you’re not sure what Etsy shop idea suits you best, check out the high-selling products below to help you make a decision.


Get in your customer’s good books with pretty and practical aluminum bookmarks.

Printify bookmarks have a slot at the top that holds single pages in place. Add an elegant design and start selling beautiful bookmarks on your Etsy shop. This is an excellent gift choice for any reading enthusiast out there.

28. Stickers

If there’s one thing Etsy customers love, it’s customizing with fun and cute imagery. There are over two million stickers currently available on Etsy.

To help your customized stickers stand out, we recommend finding a popular niche that matches your target audience or your own brand. Once you’ve decided, you can set about creating stickers for laptop covers, present decorations, events, and more. Since sticker production is so cheap you can earn really nice profits by selling these products.

29. Postcards

Postcards aren’t just a way to show someone you’re thinking of them; they also double as a graphic print that will add interest to everyone’s walls or desk space. Create a selection of postcards that match your brand and encourage buyers to appreciate traditional methods of communication.

30. Greeting Cards

Put the craft supplies away. We’re all about digital products in the modern age (kind of). Design your greetings cards online, and Printify will bring them to life.

Selling art has never been more lucrative. Whether your customers are searching for wedding cards, Christmas cards, or just something fun to send their close friends for their birthdays, greeting cards are popular products all year round since there is always demand for them.

31. Sticky Notes

The days of boring stationery are behind us. With Printify, you can create fun sticky note collections to match everyone’s taste.

32. Posters

People love to decorate and add personality to their space.

You can create a range of posters that your customers can use to upgrade their homes. Combine your posters to boost sales or sell them as individual pieces of artwork. You can choose from premium matt vertical posters, framed posters, wall decals, and more.

33. Lunch Bags

It’s the meal we all most look forward to: lunch.

With a Printify customized lunch box, your customers no longer have to spend their time rustling through numerous lunch containers. Eating healthy is more fun, thanks to personalized lunch bags for adults and kids.

34. Napkins

Etsy customers care about exhibiting excellence in everything they do. Adding an extra touch to their dinner table with decorative napkins is a must.

Show your customers you’re as classy as they are by providing a selection of eloquent napkins on your Etsy store. Capitalize during the seasonal periods with Christmas and Thanksgiving themes, and provide one of a kind designs during the rest of the year.

35. Cork Coasters

Drink coasters are a popular Etsy shop idea that many people overlook.

On Etsy you can find coasters ranging from abstract designs, funny slogans, detailed artwork, and inspiring quotes. By creating a unique coaster design, you can contribute to an area of Etsy that’s undersaturated but a product every household needs. Increase sales with coaster sets or sell individually as a quick gift idea.

36. Aprons

Whether you love cooking or hate it, no one can resist a fun and quirky apron.

A blank apron is the perfect canvas to make artistic designs. With a custom-designed apron, everyone can shine — even if their cooking doesn’t.

37. Bottle Openers

Easy-to-use and stylish bottle openers make evenings with friends stress-free. Add a fun slogan, unique illustration, or eye-catching color and start selling bottle openers that will be the talk of the evening.

38. Canvas

Canvases are an affordable way to create a gallery wall and make any walls pop. They are a super popular and profitable product to sell. Monetize your art (if you’re an artist) by offering your designed canvas to an entire Etsy audience. Or choose a specific niche, let’s say pet portraits, and target these products to the people who have furry friends. Pet portrait canvases are extremely popular, and by coming up with interesting design approaches there’s always sales to be made.

Check out these Canvas Gallery Wall Wraps, Wood Canvas, Premium Gallery Wrap Canvas, Stretched Canvases, and more.

39. Magnets

People get tired of staring at a blank fridge. Or perhaps they need something to improve their office whiteboard. Magnets are an underutilized way to add interest to the surrounding area.

Encourage your customers to make the most out of their magnetic surfaces and create a range of magnets for them to have fun with.

40. Water bottles

Staying hydrated should be our number one priority. And with an attractive water bottle, drinking water will always be on everyone’s mind.

According to Google Trends, seasonal interest in water bottles usually peaks in August. Prepare for potential sales by adding practical and identifiable water bottle designs to your store ahead of time.

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41. Mugs

Mugs are extremely popular and one of the most-sold items on Etsy. Add one-of-a-kind images, quotes, illustrations or patterns on our custom mugs to make them stand out.

Custom mugs are also popular as a promotional product by companies and marketers.

42. Towels

Customized towels make the perfect addition to any bathroom and can instantly upgrade anyones hygiene routine. Decide if you want to keep things classic with neutral colors and simple designs, or stock something more out-there, that matches your Etsy shop niche?

Whatever you decide, towels make ideal gifts for new homeowners and budding travelers— your customers are sure to purchase them as the perfect practical gift for their loved ones.

43. Table Runners

A table runner adds something a little bit extra to a table setting and instantly upgrades any dinner party set-up. Your classy customers won’t be able to resist adding one of these to their Etsy basket when picking up their table decor essentials.

Create seasonal table runners to tie in with your shopper’s Christmas, Halloween, or Thanksgiving decorations. Trust us, Etsy shoppers can’t resist a good holiday-themed product!

44. Pillows & Pillow Covers

A good quality pillow should be a bedtime essential, but it doesn’t have to downgrade home interiors.

Create comfortable and complimentary bedroom pillows using Printify’s range of plush polyester pillows. Choose the Spun Polyester Lumbar Pillow for the head of the bed. And give the option of matching throw pillows using Spun Polyester Square Pillows or cases.

45. Pet Products

Etsy isn’t just for humans. Thousands of consumers search the site looking for gifts and treats for their furry friends.

Whether you have a pet niche as your online business or throw a few pet items in with the rest of your stock, products for animals are highly popular among Etsy users.

46. Blankets

When it comes to comfort, Printify understands that everyone is different. That’s why we stock a range of blanket styles. Choose from Sherpa Fleece, Polyester Blanket, Throw Blanket, and Velveteen Plush Blanket and let your customers decide which style suits their home.

47. Puzzles

Did you know puzzles help to relax, improve mental health, and they’re unbelievably fun? An increasing number of people are turning to brain- activities like puzzles to fill their free time.

Choose from 120, 252, and 500 piece puzzles and encourage your customers to uncover the wonders of puzzling. People buy puzzles for their friends and family, as they are also spectacular holiday gifts.

48. Notebooks & Journals

People might argue that pen and paper are old-fashioned, but Etsy customers know better than that. Every home needs a journal or notebook. Whether it’s a spiral notebook to jot down work-related information or a hardcover matte journal to write how you’re feeling, having pen and paper on hand always makes life easier.

Create and sell custom journals for your Etsy shop that buyers won’t be able to resist adding to their stationery collection.

49. Calendars

Personalized calendars are excellent to help us feel more organized as we enter the new year.

50. Candles

Relax in the bath with a freshly scented candle or read by candlelight while inhaling rich, luxurious scents.

Candles make the perfect present. If your customers are looking for a secret Santa gift, a present for someone close, or a way to treat themselves, you can’t go wrong with an all-natural personalized candle.

51. Wrapping Paper

A gift is more than just what’s wrapped inside. Gift wrapping is just as important.

Help your customers stand out when it comes to the gift-giving season with fun, themed, or beautifully illustrated wrapping paper.

52. Wall Clocks

A traditional wall clock is a simple, practical, and effective way to add interest to any room.

At Printify, you can create a custom wall clock that will help your customers keep track of the time and add a personalized touch to their walls.

Etsy Shop Ideas Sports And Fitness

Sports & Fitness Products

Make working out an enjoyable and energizing experience for your customers by adding practical and stylish gym products to your Etsy store. Create a one-stop-shop for all their gym needs, or add a few sporting products to sell on Etsy and cater to your customer’s every needs.

If you’re searching for Etsy shop ideas relating to sport and fitness, these are items you can sell on Etsy.

53. Duffel Bags

Duffle bags are ideal for days at the gym or traveling with a few extra things. Investing in one of these purposeful bags is always a good idea.

These premium duffle bags come in small and large sizes, with a sturdy black strap. Help your customers travel with ease and in style by creating long-lasting, fashionable, custom duffle bags.

54. Drawstring Bags

A drawstring bag is the perfect accessory for those days you don’t need to take much stuff. Pick a design with those in mind that are thinking of a quick trip to the gym, store or beach.

55. Yoga mats

As the wellness trend grows and more people uncover the wonders of practicing yoga regularly, an increasing number of people will look to Etsy for unique personalized yoga mats. Now is the perfect opportunity to create an edge-to-edge print yoga mat for your Etsy store.

56. Leggings

A good pair of leggings should be part of everyone’s exercise kit.

Using Printify, you can create one-of-a-kind polyester and spandex leggings with custom all over print designs to brighten your customer’s exercise routine.

57. Sports Bra

A comfortable sports bra automatically makes an exercise routine more enjoyable. Those who exercise regularly will invest in a good quality sports bra.

58. Tank Tops

Tank tops are great exercise accessories for men and women, so why not sell personalized unisex tank tops? Their lightweight loose fit increases airflow, keeping it cool while wearing a stylish design.

59. Joggers

Joggers are perfect for sweating at the gym or lounging on the sofa. This versatile garment is a must-have for any modern wardrobe.

Increase your Etsy clothing sales by adding joggers to your inventory. The multi-purpose item is popular among numerous people for an array of purposes.

60. Sport Bottles

Stand out from the crowd on Etsy with an easy-to-use sports bottle with custom colors and design. With many colors to choose from, you’ll be able to offer your customers the perfect water bottle for all their sporting adventures.

Etsy Shop Ideas Eco-Friendly

Eco-Friendly Etsy Shop Ideas

The sustainability movement is increasing in momentum. Today’s consumers don’t want to make purchases that will harmfully impact the environment. Instead, people want to invest in items that last longer, give back to the Earth and have a smaller carbon footprint.

There’s never been a better time to create an Eco-conscience Etsy shop. Environmentally-conscious sellers are only going to increase in popularity as the push for eco-friendly initiatives grows.

If you’re keen to protect the planet and create a profitable business, these products are a great idea for your Etsy shop.

61. Enamel Camping Mugs

Add a touch of vintage to your camping collection with an enamel mug. Say goodbye to single-use plastic and paper cups and purchase a few reusable mugs that will survive even the most abrasive camping adventures.

Help your customers remember their kitchen camping essentials with stand-out prints, patterns, or colors. An enamel mug might feel like a vintage item, but it’s a guaranteed way to reduce waste on camping trips (and that’s a great selling point).

62. Scented Candles

Prioritize selling candles that improve everyone’s home without harming the planet. Synthetic candles release harmful toxins, contributing to air pollution. In comparison, natural wax doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Therefore, burning 100% natural candles won’t increase your carbon footprint.

At Printify, we care about protecting the planet as much as you do. That’s why our candles contain vegan soy coconut wax. Pick your preferred scent, and relax knowing you’re protecting your buyer and the world around you.

63. Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Plastic is one of our biggest polluters. Doing our bit to reduce plastic pollution is crucial for the survival of the planet. And one easy way we can reduce our plastic waste is by using a reusable water bottle.

Encourage your customers to lessen their plastic consumption while increasing their daily water intake by selling stainless steel water bottles.

64. Organic T-Shirts

Not only is organic cotton better for the environment, but it feels softer and is kinder on the skin, too.

Print your designs on 100% organic cotton and appeal to the trendy and environmentally-conscious consumer.

65. Cotton Tote Bags

From studying at the library to trips to the local supermarket, a tote bag is always handy to have. And when that tote bag is 100% cotton with a beautiful print or pattern on it, it’s even better.

Exhibit your Etsy shop’s aesthetic on an organic tote bag. These all-the-rage accessories appeal to several consumer types and show your shop has an eco-friendly ethos— something the modern consumer values.

66. Wood Canvas

Cut back on the plastic home decor by offering organic and unique wood canvas prints. Exhibit wonderful artwork on a medium that’s kinder to the planet.

67. Biodegradable Phone Cases

Forget team Apple versus Android. Is your team eco-friendly? If not, you should be and can be by purchasing/selling biodegradable phone cases.

Create the same stunning phone case designs, but make sure they protect the environment as well as your phone’s appearance. Biodegradable phone cases are plastic-free and made using PLA plant polymer with a bamboo binder.

There’s never been a better time to upgrade mobile accessories to an eco-friendly alternative.

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Start designing Etsy Shop Ideas Clothing


Fashion isn’t about what everyone else is wearing anymore. True style comes from being one of a kind. And platforms like Etsy can help people create a stand-out one-of-a-kind style.

If you want to run a successful eCommerce fashion store, we can help. Here’s a selection of clothes you can start selling on Etsy.

68. Kids Clothing

Children are continuously growing, which means parents are always searching for affordable, high-quality kid’s clothes.

Create kid’s t-shirts, sweatshirts, long-sleeved tops, and baby clothes for Etsy parents. Put together matching sets or complementary items in your clothing shop to encourage multiple purchases and make more sales.

69. Shoes

Every good outfit needs a pair of complementary shoes. Choose from sneakers, boots, or flip flops, and make sure your outfit doesn’t fail at the last hurdle.

Printify can help you create sturdy footwear for your most stylish customers. Our boots and sneakers have a durable rubber outer sole, so your customers can keep their feet supported for longer. And our flip flops have a secure textured thong strap that will keep your toes in place as you glide through the golden sand.

70. Hoodies

Hoodies are the central feature of a contemporary street style outfit or a way to lean into the increasingly popular loungewear trend.

Whichever way your buyers like to style their hoodies, with a customized classic hoodie they won’t be able to resist making a purchase.

71. Sweatshirts

Keep things casual with a comfy block color or slogan sweatshirt.

No matter who your client is or their style, you can’t go wrong with a sweatshirt. No one can resist the comforting feeling of cocooning their body in an oversized sweatshirt, especially if it has a stylish distinctive print.

72. T-Shirts

T-shirts are one of the most popular Etsy products.

Create t-shirts with funny cartoonish or slogan designs for your humorous customers. Or design authentic, artistic, and attractive t-shirts with a higher price point if you have a sophisticated customer base. Custom T-shirts are an easy product to create and guaranteed to sell well in your clothing business.

73. Crop Tees

Crop t-shirts just add that little bit extra to an outfit.

Cropped tees use the same comfortable lightweight fabric, but their cropped design produces more of a fun and flirtatious finish compared to a regular tee.

74. Pajama Pants

No one can resist a soft pair of pajama pants, especially if they’re covered in cute and fun designs. Tempt your customers into buying a new pair of pajama pants with irresistible all-over print designs.

75. T-Shirt Dress

A T-shirt dress is the ultimate no-stress outfit that is super comfy and still looks super chic.

Give your customers the option of dressing to impress while remaining relaxed in their outfit with a fashionable T-shirt dress.

76. Tie-Dye Shirts

The nineties are back, and Etsy shoppers know it. Tie-dye never goes out of style, and now is a great time to inject the most fun and color print of them all back into any wardrobe.

By stocking tie-dye T-shirts, you’re providing your customers with a completely bespoke fashion item— making your shirts eligible for the handmade category. If you’re looking for retro or vintage items to sell on Etsy, tie-dye shirts are perfect.

77. Skater Skirts

Skater skirts are every fashionable individual’s must-have item of clothing. Wearable with tights in the winter and bare legs in the summer.

78. Swimwear

Swimsuits are an exciting purchase. With so many on the market, you need to ensure your one-piece or bikini stands out in the Etsy search. With Printify, you can tailor swimwear to your customer’s tastes and preferences, and create an item they won’t be able to resist purchasing for their next holiday.

If you’re selling in a retro niche and looking for vintage items, the women’s vintage swimsuit is a great old-school style item to sell online.

Etsy Shop Ideas Holiday

Holiday Products and Gifts

Etsy is one of the most popular places people shop during the holidays. Here’s a selection of holiday gift ideas you can sell on Etsy.

79. Christmas Ornaments

Everyone wants to transform their home into a winter wonderland during the holidays. Christmas ornaments are a crucial component to increasing the festivities.

Printify stocks wooden, ceramic, ball, snowflake, and glass ornaments so you can create a range of Christmas ornaments for your customers.

Alternatively, unleash the creative side of your business and produce ornaments for other occasions. For example, Etsy buyers frequently search the site for special gift ideas. If your customer base is searching for wedding gifts, why not use Printify to make ornaments for weddings and other occasions? Not only will this increase your stock, but you’ll be covering a gap in the market too.

80. Christmas Stockings

Create stunning custom-printed Christmas stockings for your customers. Warm and festive, personalized Christmas stockings will liven up any fireplace.

81. Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Is it Christmas if you haven’t rocked an ugly Christmas sweater at least once?

To go all-out with your festive-themed online shop, you need to make sure you’re fully stocked with ugly Christmas sweaters. Design your tackiest, most cringe-worthy sweater and wait for your customers to pick the one they hate (love) most.

82. Gifts for Her

If you want to make the most of the holiday season and sell sought-after gifts in your store, we’ve got you covered.

Click here to read our top recommendations for personalized gifts for her. Scroll through the article for inspiration and see which products you think your customers would spend on this season.

83. Gifts for Him

Make your store the place your customers can purchase all the gifts they need. Take a look at the personalized gifts for him article and increase your shop sales by stocking a range of popular presents.

Making your store the ultimate online location for purchasing Christmas gifts is an Etsy shop idea that’s guaranteed to boost your sales over the holiday period.

84. Bachelorette Shirts

Why not add fun bachelorette shirts to your Etsy store? Personalized bachelorette shirts are high-demand and popular items. The best part is that they are easy to design. Bring your designs, and we’ll take care of the rest – printing, packaging, and shipping to your clients.

85. Motivational Posters

Encourage your buyers to keep feeling their best by adding meaningful, motivational posters to your store.

86. Halloween T-Shirts

Rather than spending hours agonizing over a costume idea, why not wear a spooky shirt and enjoy having an evening eating delicious treats with friends?

Halloween T-shirts are not only enjoyable to design, but they’re a brilliant way to profit off of one of America’s favorite holidays.

87. Funny T-Shirts

A funny T-shirt makes an ideal gift.

Encourage your customers to unleash their playful side by creating a range of funny t-shirts. Add hilarious quotes, silly pictures, or goofy patterns and help them be the talk of the evening (in a good way).

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Is It Worth Selling on Etsy?

There’s a lot of money to be made on Etsy. Etsy is overflowing with customers looking for custom-made, personalized, and wonderfully different products. Printify is passionate about helping merchants utilize their creative side to bring these items to eCommerce stores.

Statistics show Etsy newbies make around $44,000 per year.

The low-risk factor of selling on Etsy makes it popular among new entrepreneurs and veteran salespeople. Using Printify, you can design, order, and sell a product without having to make large monetary investments and spend thousands on marketing campaigns.

Although getting to grips with Etsy is an easy side hustle or business to set up, certain tactics will help boost your business prospects.

Learning how to implement the Etsy SEO, having a solid shop idea, and marketing your shop successfully all contribute to the profitability of your shop.

Before creating your Etsy store, here are a few things to consider that will help you decide if its the right business plan for you:

  • Etsy has listing fees. The listing fee for an Etsy product is 20¢ per listing.
  • You’re responsible for your traffic. Although Etsy will drive traffic to your shop, you will need to use Etsy SEO and social media platforms to increase traffic.
  • Start with one niche. In this blog post, we’ve shared several Etsy shop ideas. After reading this article, you might feel overwhelmed with ideas and keen to try as many as possible. Before you get carried away, settle on one niche. Test the waters in this niche, monitor your sales and analytics before introducing a variety of products.

Etsy is an incredible place to sell products, just make sure you make note of these points before opening your store.

For more useful information, read these blog posts on How to start an Etsy shop and How do beginners sell on Etsy.

Can You Sell Non-handmade Items on Etsy?

Compared to similar marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, Etsy has garnered a reputation due to its focus on crafty, handmade products. Although these goods sell well on the platform, you do not have to sell only handmade items in your store. Regular products do just as well on the site (and they’re a lot easier to create with the help of Printify).

If you’re more businesses-minded and the thought of trying to be creative makes your toes curl, fear not. You will have no problems establishing your brand and making money using on-demand dropshipping services.

Although you don’t need to open your box of craft supplies for your new business, your shop will benefit from selling personalized products. Personalized sell extremely well on Etsy, meaning you can get more money for them. According to The Deloitte Consumer Review, over 50% of consumers are interested in buying personalized products for themselves and as gifts.


What Sells Very Well on Etsy?

Etsy has over eighty million customers who are all searching for an array of different products. In this blog post we’ve shared many product ideas. From party supplies to custom pillows, the most unusual items have an Etsy customer searching for them.

Personalized items are the top sellers on Etsy, and you can offer this service across a range of popular products.

How Profitable Is an Etsy Shop?

As we’ve outlined, there is a lot of money to be made using Etsy. The more time you dedicate to curating your stock and learning about the platform, the more money you can make. Expect to start your Etsy store as a side hustle before scaling it to a full-time career.

How Do I Make My Etsy Shop Unique?

Make your Etsy shop unique by creating custom designs and let us do the rest.

Not only will you be providing a print, pattern, or color that’s distinctive to your brand, but your customers will be able to buy a product that’s special and meaningful to them — encouraging them to come back and shop with you again.

For further assistance in establishing a business on Etsy, read through the following articles:

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