Celebrated in many countries worldwide, International Women’s Day brings awareness to women’s achievements as a testament to the struggle for equality and social respect.

Give your customers a personalized reminder to appreciate and value in their day-to-day lives. Here’s a list of 22 unique International Women’s Day gift ideas to celebrate Woman’s Day 2022 with Print on Demand.

1. Mason Jar Mug For Summer Iced Mochas

Our frosted glass mason jars bring a DIY feel to a relaxed summer drink. They fulfill a perfect and trendy stylized home aesthetic, incredibly thematic for a comfortable and leisurely remote life.

Personalize our mason jar mug with a crisp, minimalistic design that frames perfectly with the matted opaque background. It comes with a straw and tight lid for on-the-go travels with a refreshing container.

Personalized Gifts For Her Enamel Mug

2. Personalized Enamel Mug For The Outdoorsy Camper

Outdoor supplies like our enamel mug are a lifetime of function over style, but that just makes a personalized design stand out longer. This gift is made for unique, quality-demanding occasions and works for a brand that promotes an active lifestyle.

Our enamel mugs are stainless steel, rust, and corrosion-resistant for adventurous campers. They’re the perfect gift for a woman willing to spend evenings by the campfire, with a memorable and much-needed cup of their favorite drink.

Personalized Gifts For Her Beer Lover's Pint

3. Beer Lover’s Pint Stein Mug

Third on the list of mugs is for a much wilder celebration for the eccentric, artisan craft beer lovers. It’s not too large and imposing, giving it excellent everyday utility while being explicitly durable for a rowdy cold brew.

Our scratch-resistant ceramic pint stein mug is a traditional take on an actual full-fisted beer baroness. A rounded canvas opens a beautiful surface for intricate pattern designs or a catchy, no-nonsense picture.

Personalized Gifts For Her Infuser Water Bottle

4. Infuser Water Bottle for Fruits and Flavors

We’re part of a culture of mixed drinks, blended smoothies, and personalized infused water trends. Design our infused water bottles with the perfect mix of mouth-watering images, sticker patterns, or empowering Women’s Day messages.

For women with a precise palette for fruits and infused flavors, this water bottle has a built-in straw and a screw-on base to store and slowly infuse fruits, mint, or a dollop of ginger – you name it – for a full day of lasting flavor.

Personalized Gifts For Her Lunch Box

5. On-the-go Foodie’s Bento Lunch Box

Continuing with a portable utility for the busy-bee out with their lunch, we invite you to offer the gift of a casual picnic bento lunch box. It has a natural-feel wooden print surface with an easily-washable silicone tray.

This lunch box has a set of matching utensils and is easy to disassemble with an elastic strap. A handy lid makes for a good plate, and the box separates your lunch into smart compartments for healthy variety.

Personalized Gifts For Her Hooded Sherpa Blanket

6. Cozy Hooded Sherpa Blanket

Impromptu comfort might as well be the slogan of quarantine. You can’t have a relaxed stay-at-home vibe without a bespoke hooded blanket. Bring style with comfort by ensuring your designs reflect the semi-detached but confident attitude of just not bothering to take it off.

And why would you? Our hooded sherpa blanket is made of soft and plush fleece material and has a smooth and irresistible texture. For the colder months of the year, a cuddle on cool summer nights, or a lovely evening with a spouse, pamper your customers with this excellent gift.

Personalized Gifts For Her Socks

7. Cozy Personalized Socks

Create a trendy, eye-catching pair of socks for a more personal gift collection. Socks are one of our bestselling items on this list. They’re always in demand – the simplest, affordable way of accentuating a specific style without clashing with the rest of her wardrobe.

Add a quickly recognizable pattern design or an inside joke for your audience. Let your product bring out sudden and exciting compliments from the closest friends of the remarkable women in their lives.

Choose between Direct to Garment printing or a sublimation method. Find what works best with your design idea, the print provider’s location, and various custom sizing options.

Personalized Gifts For Her Blanket

8. Personalized Warm Couch Throw Blanket

Design a blanket that speaks for itself. This is your chance for complete creative freedom with our all-over-print area sherpa fleece blanket. This large custom canvas is a playground for experimental designs, large imposing jokes, or a muted, calming tone that invokes a sign for relaxation.

With a design front and a plush fleece fabric on the back, you’ll deliver the coziest form of endearment for any gift-giving recipient your customers might choose – wife, sister, daughter, or a dear friend.

Personalized Gifts For Her Grocery Bag

9. Eco Organic Cotton Canvas Grocery Bag

Ecological and sustainable accessories are a great way to smooth your brand image while giving people their own approach to sustainable consumption. Help Women’s Day recipients celebrate in a way that adds flair in their commute to the nearest market or eco shop.

Our organic cotton canvas tote bag has three color options from black to beige, all with a 100% certified organic cotton body. It’s no run-of-the-mill convention branded tote bag that creases after the first wash, it’s fit for designs made to last.

Personalized Gifts For Her Tote Bag

10. Trendy Everyday Tote Bag with Cool Art, Manga/Anime, or Movie References

This all-over-print tote is a refined, boxed-cornered bag that can fit an everyday utility for a more practical handle on life. It has black cotton handles – easy on the shoulders – and a sleek black lining that frames the print area.

Bags are a quintessential canvas for cool art pieces, references to pop culture, and unique, identity-defining media. They can mark your niche with the ever-rich range of media women of all ages can recognize and feel passionate about.

Personalized Gifts For Her Weekender Bag

11. Oversized Weekender Bag for Short Trips

Sometimes you need more space for a special weekend occasion – a full measure of room for an extra pair of clothes and all the essentials you might need. Offer your gift-givers an oversized weekender bag. It has a generous open mouth with sublime, minimalistic rope handles.

For the responsible mom that never forgets to grab an extra water bottle or an out-and-about couch surfer, it’s a unique gift your customer will certainly find use for.

Personalized Gifts For Her Fitness Bag

12. Fitness Bag for Her Self-care Journey

We can’t forget about the gift of empowering girls for fitness success. Give your audience a bespoke fitness bag with a clever, motivational design to hang in there.

Our fitness handbag is water-resistant with a polyester lining and adjustable shoulder straps. It has multiple zipper compartments to divide gym clothes, keeping things fresh and organized while working up a sweat.

Personalized Gifts For Her Journal

13. A Personalized Alternative to the 5-minute Journal

If you’re a more artistically inclined supply provider, you might want to include a free-form journal or a practical sketch pad. Choose between lined-printed pages or a completely blank interior.

A personalized design encourages creative and unique methods for keeping things organized, especially when marking March 8 for that special day. It’s a great alternative to more ready-made 5-minute journals and gives a sense of expression that can match your independent or niche cover art.

Personalized Gifts For Her Tough Phone Case

14. Tough Phone Case for the Online Trend-setter

Help your Women’s Day gift recipient reach online audiences by making the perfect mirror selfie accessory. A detailed phone case will naturally account for everyday first impressions, but its primary qualities should be protection and ergonomic feel.

We’ve selected a quality case to fit common newer iOS and Android models, coupled with a polycarbonate, impact-resistant dual-layer shell, and a high-quality photographic print area. It’s neither clunky nor inappropriately sized but won’t leave a phone completely helpless, either.

Personalized Gifts For Her Plush Toy

15. Plush Toy for the Cuddle-bug

A classic gesture for a close loved one, daughter, or romantic darling, couple the flowers and jewelry with a heartfelt plushy. These adorable critters are perfect gifts for the shelf-toy collector or bedside plush hoarder.

They come in four animal variants sporting a tiny personalized t-shirt. You can customize their shirt print area with well-wishes or a cute and memorable symbol of endearment.

Personalized Gifts For Her Scented Candle

16. A Unique Take on a Cliche Scented Candle

We’ve all had our share of gift candles, and it might seem a bit tactless to offer such a trope gift, but it doesn’t have to be. As a designer, you have the ability to make a compelling and funny narrative label for an aromatherapy candle gift.

We can all do with a bit of therapy now and again, especially when working remotely during indecisive world affairs. Light a candle and give Women’s Day the perfect mood for a friendly and cozy celebration in the quiet, wakeful evenings of early March.

Personalized Gifts For Her Jewelry Box

17. The Personalized Jewelry Box for Her Prized Accessories

For that extra touch or a year of anniversaries, a cute jewelry box can accentuate the gift your customer spent ages finding. Personalize the box with a simple but meaningful design, and let it frame her necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other quality accessories.

Our print-on-demand jewelry box comes in three dark and smokey colors, with a classic varnish finish. The top is fitted with a single ceramic tile, for a glossy surface print using a sublimation method.

Personalized Gifts For Her Necklace

18. Sentimental Necklace and Dog Tag

Next, we have two more classic gift types for the special women sharing an undying bond or friendship. Mark a beautiful relationship or a day worth remembering with a light oval pendant or a sisterly dog tag.

The custom print necklace is an oval brass pendant with a small chain, durable clasp, and aluminum print panel. Our dog tags are fully customizable with a white surface print area. Show off a tough but sentimental message or graphic to appreciate the values closest to Women’s Day.

Personalized Gifts For Her Area Rug

19. Beautiful Area Rug

There’s nothing better than bare feet pressing against the warm carpet by your bed, first thing in the morning. A custom-printed rug ties together a perfect interior aesthetic.

Designing an entire floor print is no small feat. Your design should tie the room together with playful, colorful patterns, with stylish graphics and an eye for the bigger picture. Our area rug has hemmed edges and comes in six sizes with an all over print area.

Personalized Gifts For Her Indoor Tapestries

20. Indoor Tapestries

Whether she’s a fantasy buff with love for the aristocratic or all-in for the flowing simplicity of an indoor tapestry, create the perfect wall decor with a pristine banner image or an identity-defining quote, flag, and reference.

The custom wall tapestry is a mildew and water-resistant polyester canvas in multiple sizes, from 26 x 36 to 88 x 104 inches.

Personalized Gifts For Her Bookmarks

21. Genre-specific Bookmarks

For that friend you lose sight of as she embarks on yet another book binge, give her something to keep track of the many worlds no doubt swimming in her waking thoughts – the ideal gift for an avid reader and bookworm.

This is no single-use bookmark. It has an aluminum base with a U-shaped slot to slide on the book page. Place a creative graphic, play with genre ideas, witty word puns, or a calming pattern to give the reader’s eyes a pleasant break.

Personalized Gifts For Her Facemask

22. Custom Facemask For a Health-conscious Commute

Demand still stands, and the health-conscious fashion-ready commuter will take a sharply thought-out mask, no questions asked. The best gifts are often the most common, regular necessities.

Our custom fabric and polyester mask collection has everything you need for a personalized size and design. Our eyes are naturally drawn to the face – make them see something memorable.

Please take into account that some countries no longer accept fabric masks as a viable form of protection. Keep up-to-date with emerging laws in key customer locations to make sure your catalog remains relevant.

Well Wishes to all Women, With Love from Printify

Even a small gesture can bring a world of difference. Nowhere is that more endearing than when celebrating universal appreciation of women from all steps of life.

We sincerely wish a continuous appreciation of all women on March 8 and every day. We hope the gift of giving reflects the warmth women receive from their dearest loved ones.

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