During this pandemic many people lost their jobs or have been laid off from job without a return date or any promise that they will get their jobs back. While these people face an unknown future, many other people actually benefited from this pandemic especially those are working from home. We all know that the rise of remote Jobs become very popular and considered to be even permanent after the pandemic passes.  It allows people to stay safe at home while making a living, it also gives them the choice to stay home with family and make a living.  One of the many ways of making online will depend on your Ideas, budget and your skills, but I will share with you the top opportunities that has been on the rise since day one: 

  1. Investing in Stocks: People who invested in stocks on online based companies like Amazon are making a fortune now-days, because while all retail businesses shut down the demand online has gone up the the roof. Stock owners and shareholders are very happy despite this hard times for many. the company said on Tuesday that delivery times — which have understandably stretched from days to weeks amid the huge logistical challenges posed by COVID-19 — were about to get shorter. Here’s Spencer Soper in Bloomberg.
  2. Real Estate: As many of us are spending more time at homes, there are many are considering owning a home somewhere where they can feel safe and happy. Real estate owners are selling more homes during this pandemic than ever. In the US, house prices are still rising. “Many areas of the country have put a moratorium on evictions, normally for 60 to 90 days, but in some areas for six months,” says Prof Nori Gerardo Lietz, a  real estate and investment Teacher at Harvard Business School.
  3. Selling online: Many sellers are taking this opportunity, deviate  to selling merchandise online as demand growth exceeds the production rate. We are not just talking o=about essentials like masks, sanitizers, gloves and cleaning supplies, we are talking about everything from toilet papers to t-shirts and mugs. 
  4. Video/ live Streaming: we all can agree these are very bring times where you have been basically lockedown all day and night at home with no choices left, and the only friend we have now is our phones or Tv’s to keep us entertained. Companies like Netflix, Zoom, Hulu and Disney, increased their revenue by almost double; Walt Disney Co. US:DIS later reported that Disney+ attracted 54.5 million paid subscribers in just six months, and may have headed much higher after the triumphant debut of “Hamilton” on that service July 3. So if you are software engineer orprogrammer you should consider getting invloved in these markets. 
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