Turning over a new leaf – with so many people looking to improve themselves mentally, physically, and financially come New Year, we’ve got just the merch ideas you need to fuel your customers’ goals and drive them towards success.

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As a new year approaches, people from all over the world are thinking of ways to up their game for next year. There’s nothing more exciting, alluring, or beautiful than starting afresh – new year, new mindset, new you!

When it comes to helping your customers achieve their resolutions, it’s important to think about what their goals usually revolve around. One of the biggest items in our to-do lists is, of course, getting fitter. That’s why we’ve compiled amazing items that will help you stay on track with your fitness goals. From hoodies to yoga pants to water bottles, we’ve got it all.

In order to help you increase your sales by improving your customers’ physical and emotional well-being, we’ve prepared a list of great merch ideas that are sure to not only sell well, but also help you and your customers to have their best year yet. No matter the sport your customers are into – be it running, baseball, soccer, weightlifting, yoga, or boxing – these merch ideas will help them excel.

The best merch ideas for 2022

Merch Ideas 2022 Hoodies Printify

Gymwear hoodies

Did you know that about 50% of Americans wanted to start 2021 by getting into shape? According to Statista, the most popular New Year’s resolution was “doing more exercise or improving my fitness”. Losing weight was the second most popular resolution, pointed out by 48% of respondents.

So, if you’re looking for cool merch ideas that’ll help your customers to achieve their goals, then look no further than hoodies – items that never go out of style. Whether you already run an online store or are planning to set one up as your New Year’s resolution, gymwear hoodies are excellent products to start selling.

Unisex Heavy Blend™ Hooded Sweatshirt

Merch Ideas 2022 Hooded Sweatshirt

Whatever sport your customers are into – be it jogging, baseball, volleyball, or boxing –, they’ll definitely want to look good while doing their favorite physical activity. A tried-and-true way to sell these hoodies is by adding motivational designs with complementary texts like “Cardio is Hardio”, “Fit-ish”, “Gym & Tonic”, or “Mandate Exercise”.

Unisex EcoSmart® Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt

Merch Ideas 2022 Pullover Hodie Sweatshirt

A must-have for your store – a versatile, practical, and comfortable item. Everyone loves a warm hoodie, especially on a cold winter night. Your customers will look awesome in the gym or around the Christmas tree. You can also use this hoodie to make ugly Christmas sweaters! Just grab one of these print-ready designs, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic addition to your store.

Women’s Cropped Hooded Sweatshirt

Merch Ideas 2022 Cropped Hooded Swatshirt

A sporty yet chic piece of clothing that’s sure to turn heads. A spectacular item that always looks good and is easy to combine. All that’s needed is your design. Go for simplicity – add a short inspirational quote, and you’ve instantly got a pretty fashionable item.

Merch Ideas 2022 Gymwear Hoodies

Gymwear tanks

The same way no Christmas is complete without a hefty dinner, creamy eggnog, and Santa Claus, no gym bag is complete without a trendy tank top. After a day of indulgence, it’s vital to get back on track and do your best in the gym. To help you do just that, check out these merch ideas every fitness enthusiast will surely appreciate.

Unisex Jersey Tank

Merch Ideas 2022 Unisex Jersey Tank

This jersey tank top is made from an extra-light fabric and provides comfort unlike any other – it’s perfect for your workout. Simply add your design, a funny gym quote like “Education is important, but big biceps are importanter”, and you’ve got yourself a heavy seller.

Women’s Ideal Racerback Tank

Merch Ideas 2022 Racerback Tank

Lightweight and trendy – whether you’re in a gym or out for a run, these slim-fit tank tops are wonderful and cozy companions in any activity. By adding some text like “Storms don’t scare me” and a relevant image of your choice, your shirt gains a personalized feel and a real sense of style.

Women’s Tri-Blend Racerback Tank

Merch Ideas 2022 TriBlend Racerback Tank

An absolute must-have in every woman’s wardrobe – it hits all the right trends. It’s tri-blend, racerback, and slim fit. This customizable tank top is sure to look good wherever you go. A great way to sell these is by adding an astrology-themed design.

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Sports Bra (all-over-print)

Merch Ideas 2022 Sports Bra

This sports bra has everything to make you feel beautiful – custom style, support, and 360-degree comfort. By using the all-over-print technique, you can easily create eye-catching designs that’ll cover the entire product and drive your sales. A dazzling flower pattern works wonderfully on these.

Gymwear bottoms

As a result of the pandemic, a lot of people – becoming increasingly aware of the importance of health and fitness – picked up new hobbies and sports like running, doing yoga, or hiking. These new-found interests provide wonderful opportunities to turn your merch ideas into pure profit.

Premium Fleece Joggers

Merch Ideas 2022 Fleece Joggers

A comfy workout choice – appreciated and ideal for fitness beginners and pros alike. The back pocket is customizable, and there are two spacious pockets on the side. Add your brand’s logo, and you’ve got yourself a bestseller.

Athletic Joggers (all-over-print)

Merch Ideas 2022 Athletic Joggers

Do you remember the times when being seen outside your home in jogging pants made you feel slightly embarrassed? Well, no more. The times – and joggers – have changed. With the all-over-print technique, you can easily customize these into the most fashionable items your local grocer has ever seen. Just add an exotic pattern print, and you’re pretty well set for any occasion.

High-Waisted Yoga Leggings

Merch Ideas 2022 Yoga Leggings

If you’re looking for clothing merch ideas, look no further. Whether your customers are hitting the gym or running errands out in the town, these skinny-fitting high-waisted yoga leggings are the perfect choice. They’re made in the United States and the all-over print provides vibrant colors that cover the entire garment. Simply add a flower print, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful item to freshen up your online store.

Women’s Cut & Sew Casual Leggings

Merch Ideas 2022 Casual Leggings

A versatile piece that can be worn anywhere – from gym to yoga studio to Saturday brunch. With these elastic skinny fit leggings, you can deck yourself out in comfort and style. With the all-over print technique, the entire leggings are your canvas. If you’re into niche and creative merchandise ideas, try anime leggings. Anime itself is a multi-billion dollar industry, after all.

Merch Ideas 2022 Hydration


Are you looking for profitable, practical, and refreshing merch ideas that’ll increase your sales? Look no further – we’ve got just the thing. With these easily customizable and increasingly popular water bottles, you can kill two birds with one stone – hit your hydration goals and sales targets.

These can be used anywhere – at the gym, workplace, during hikes, or while camping. You can easily create killer bundles with other great gym items like hoodies, tank tops, and joggers.

Sky Water Bottle

Merch Ideas 2022 Sky Water Bottle

Need ideas for merch? Well, how about a wonderful water bottle for your customers’ upcoming adventures? A handy item that allows them to carry around all their favorite beverages in style. A minimalistic yet elegant design will do the trick.

Infuser Water Bottle

Merch Ideas 2022 Infuser Water Bottle

If your customers find plain water boring, fruit-infused water might just be the thing for them. These infuser water bottles will make perfect companions in their daily adventures – no matter how big or small. It can be easily personalized by adding whatever art you wish, or a simple, friendly reminder saying, “Stay hydrated. This is a threat”.

Vacuum Insulated Bottle

Merch Ideas 2022 Vacuum Insulated Bottle

If you’re searching for merch ideas, this is a nice one. Why? Because EVERYONE likes to keep their coffee warm. This bottle is a perfect friend for early morning walks, chill study sessions at the library, and coffee breaks at work. Its double-wall construction means that hot liquids can remain hot for up to 12 hours, but cold beverages – up to 48 hours. It’s highly customizable – these work well with artsy or tropical designs.

Merch Ideas 2022 Custom Mugs

Custom mugs

If you’re having a hard time coming up with merch ideas for your store, perhaps you’re overcomplicating it. A surefire yet simple way to boost your sales is by offering your customers something that’s practical and used daily, like lovely personalized mugs.

Enamel Camping Mug

Merch Ideas 2022 Enamel Camping Mug

If your customers’ New Year’s resolution is to travel more, they’ll surely love these. A wonderful item for wilderness – perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, or any other outdoor activity your community is into. Just add a design that will remind them of their favorite activity, and you’re all set. If you’re catering to the outdoorsy crowd, a text like “I suffer from OCD – obsessive camping disorder”, will surely work well.

Metallic Mug (Silver / Gold)

Merch Ideas 2022 Metallic Mug

Mugs are one of the best-selling merch items out there. There’s no better way to start the day than with a warm cup of coffee – it’s a great pre-workout that most people use on a daily basis. That’s why fitness mugs are so popular, and it’s really easy to create a bestseller – the design ideas are abundant. You can’t go wrong with any of these: “Coffee & Cardio”, “I run better than the government”, “Runners High. Still legal in all 50 states”.

Heart-Shape Mug

Merch Ideas 2022 Heart-Shape Mug

For some, the biggest challenge of all is self-love and acceptance. This wholesome item is for them. Add a beautiful photo or your favorite inspirational saying and make your customers feel appreciated with every sip they take.

Merch Ideas 2022 Posters


The start of a new year is a great time to celebrate our accomplishments, reflect on our success, and look forward to achieving more. Something as simple as a motivational poster can make a big difference to any space – bedroom, living room, kitchen, gym, office, or library. Wherever, really. If you’re looking for simple yet inspiring merch ideas, posters are definitely worthy of your consideration.

Take care of your customers – offer them something that will allow them to step toward their dreams, or at least nudge them in the right direction, and they’re sure to take care of your business in return.

Premium Matte Vertical Posters

Merch Ideas 2022 Matte Vertical Poster

These supreme quality print posters will allow your customers to reflect on the positive, get them through a slump and help start afresh. The right motivational poster provides a break for the eyes and ease for the mind. Posters make the perfect canvas for your merch design ideas. Use that non-stop wit of yours to create your own bestselling design, or use some of our print-ready motivational designs.

Framed Horizontal Poster

Merch Ideas 2022 Framed Horizontal Poster

A popular poster with great features – museum grade paper, pre-installed hanging hardware, medium-density fibreboard frame, and pigment ink that provides bright and intense colors. Just add a nicely designed inspirational quote most relevant to your brand, and your customers will definitely see its potential to make their space more vibrant, lively, and inspiring.

Merch Ideas 2022 Journaling


Keeping a journal is an excellent way to track your progress towards your goals – it helps to create order when the world feels like it’s in chaos. To help your customers achieve more, introduce them to the idea of journaling and what a great little helper it can be.

If you’re looking for useful and meaningful merch ideas, journals should definitely be at the top of your list.

Spiral Notebook – Ruled Line

Merch Ideas 2022 Spiral Notebook

The benefits of journaling are clear – it helps to clarify your thoughts, prioritize problems, identify and overcome obstacles. The new year will come with new challenges, but it will also bring new opportunities. This 118-page spiral notebook is an ideal item for your customers who are serious about their goals and ready to make big changes. Add a motivational text like “The future depends on what you do today”, and you’re sure to pique their interest.

Journal – Ruled Line

Merch Ideas 2022 Journal

This 128-page hardcover journal is for anyone who’s dead set to get theirs. A practical item and trustworthy companion for those who plan to make 2022 their best year yet. As for the design, minimalistic landscape artwork fit beautifully on these.

Note Cube

Merch Ideas 2022 Note Cube

If you’re looking for unique merch ideas, this is an excellent choice. No matter how big your goals are, they all start with a single thought. Never miss an idea with this custom sticky note cube – it has over 700 sheets to conveniently use whenever a brilliant idea pops into your mind. Your customers will surely appreciate your killer motivational slogans printed around the edges.

Merch Ideas 2022 Home Decor

Home decor

In a world where we spend more and more time indoors, home’s interior plays an increasingly important role in our lives. It impacts our mood, confidence, and productivity. Interior design, health, and well-being go hand in hand.

Check out these merch ideas that’ll help your customers to decorate their homes and their favorite belongings with uplifting messages, positive vibes, and encourage them to always face the sunny side of life.

Wall Decals

Merch Ideas 2022 Wall Decals

Words have power, and with the right design, you can take that power further and create an ever-present reminder of your goals. A motivational text like “Never Stop Exploring”, “Work Hard. Dream Big”, or “Make It Happen” will enhance any room.

Wall Calendar (2022)

Merch Ideas 2022 Wall Calendar

Keep track of your dreams, mark goals and important dates with this A3 size wall calendar. It’s available in a vertical orientation with a spring spiral binding. With these, you can encourage a positive attitude by placing inspirational images or motivational quotes in the print placeholder for every month of the year. Perfect for home, office, kitchen, or any other space your customers would like to liven up.

Square Stickers

Merch Ideas 2022 Square Stickers

These are great if you’re looking for merch ideas that will help your customers to set their goals, and make them stick! An easy way to make laptops, books, or lockers into motivational tools that’ll not only express your customers’ personality, but also share their New Year’s resolutions of becoming their best selves.

Bumper Stickers

Merch Ideas 2022 Bumper Stickers

Made from water-resistant vinyl that’s durable against water, sunlight, and scratches, these bumper stickers are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Anything can be a motivator and an expression of your goals – a bike helmet, a fridge, a water cooler, and, of course, a car. You can’t go wrong with texts like “You > Your obstacles”, “Raise the bar”, or “Your only limit is you”.

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