Usually when you trying to start a niche you will need a fan base or advertising strategy in order to show your product or service to the customer, but in this article i will show you how you can do it without all of that by yourself and win!

  1. Sub-Niche: you have to get to an already existing niche that have a fan base or followers but do not copy i. Get educated around the subject or niche you want to get into and come up with new ideas of your own that related to the niche but very new idea no one thought of it yet! I have tried this myself and it woks every-time you do it. it’s like magic and if you know what you doing you could win the market in no time.
  2. Cross-Niche: after establishing a sub-niche you will start a cross niches within your niche where the different need of specific things are or how to divide that market into multiple niches. for example the sub niche is dog and there are many people like dogs but that is too general, so you start making niches within the dog niche which are: doberman dog, Pugs, Chihuahua… you get the idea! do the same thing with your sub-niches and try o find different interests within.
  3. Contrary-Niche: probably this is the first time you hear of this strategy which I came up with and tried it in many different ideas and it works all the time. The idea is to come up with something and then come up with it’s contrary to make it look like there are always two parties, and people love to compete in life in everything so you will win both parties and this Idea usually used in society problems and politics. So you don’t have to support a certain party to be able to win, remember you are a business person so you have to go with the market and it’s demand not what you like or dislike. keep the business in the business and don’t get emotional because you going to loose.
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