In order to run Amazon sponsored ads, you need an ams account.

Before you start advertising, you should know the types of ads in Amazon, which includes as follows

  1. Sponsored Product Ads
  2. Sponsored Brand Ads
  3. Sponsored Display Ads

You need to first define the objective of the campaign, basis that you can select the type of sponsored ads.

While starting with Amazon you might come across couple of terms which you won’t be aware of, same thing happened with me, when I was starting with Amazon. After understanding the fundamentals of each type of ads, I understood which is the apt one for my business, and then I started running ads on Amazon, and trust me, I started seeing results.

I would recommend you to also follow the same approach by learning the fundamenatals and then going ahead with ad creation. One of the intersting article I came across is this, which you can refer, this will help you to understand the concepts and ad creation in detail – Guide To Amazon Advertising

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