Before you go getting encouraged by those saying they are doing great, ASK FOR DETAILS. Like the following:

  1. monthly STR (sell-through-rate) determined by units sold divided by average number of live slots
  2. current tier to see whether results even though with a low STR are attributable simply to having thousands of slots to get some poo to stick
  3. overall methods they use (not talking about niche secret sauce), like very micro-niche or what
  4. whether they use social to market their stuff
  5. whether their results are based on small numbers (making 2 sales a week when last week was 1 you doubled your sales).

Also check their post history to see how credible they look. Like regularly contribute here, just a series of one-liners where they don’t get into details, whether they are mainly lurkers who make a beeline for the sunday sales and threads like this while contributing nothing else mostly.

Also note who doesn’t post in these threads mostly, which is ppl with poor sales due to being throttled and capped, even if some others don’t experience this much. So there is selection bias in these threads and it runs toward those with better results.

Finally some ppl esp at lower tiers are doing risky shit, and some at higher ones doing stuff like getting buddies to buy their tees to start them off with BSR. There is ALWAYS shit ppl leave out.

When I had 300 designs Live, I was doing $3.5K-$4K/mo. But my uploads were 5-10 a day so I spent like 1 hour on each design.

When I tiered up, I started focusing on cranking out 50-100 designs a day. None of that shit sells. I’m doing less $$ than I was doing with 300 designs.

I have 400 uploads a day, but I’m going back to doing a smaller amount of good designs. Most of my scaled out slop has not worked.

Also to add to that, I think most people try to completely automate variations with scripts or whatever, or they try to spend as little time as possible on variations, so spending even 10 minutes on a variation can make a big difference.

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