Soak up some sun in the summer months – Printify’s got you covered. Take stock of our one-stop run-down of popular summer items to sell for the hot season shopping extravaganza. Keep an eye as we continue unveiling upcoming items, new summer highlights, and free design packages.

Picture vintage beach trips, holiday BBQs, and summer fun rendezvous expressed with your own top-selling custom products. From swimwear and tie-dyes, to flip-flops – we unveil a full list of apparel and accessories for you to choose from. Put your own dropshipping business in the forefront with our print-on-demand catalog line-up.

Custom Summer Clothing

Custom Summer Clothing

The 2022 clothing scene is shaping up to be a post-post-pandemic mix of creative chaos and distinctive directions for shopper trends. It’s the perfect time to experiment and create unique summer items.

We see the reemergence of the Y2K fashion craze gracing our eyes during the most lustrous season of tight-cut (or skin-tight) apparel. Time to dust off that catalog and introduce a fresh new line-up of this year’s hottest trends.

Hibernating through months of weather-proof layers, we start by presenting a splash of color in the most vintage way possible. T-shirts are a must-have for seasonal campaigns in custom clothing online stores.

From the 60s through the 90s, and now – three decades later – the 2020s are here to pick up the steam for a new generation of retro-aesthetic t-shirts. We push our ink to its limits by spotlighting eight unique all-over-print and tie-dye pattern t-shirts:

Start with our multi-color, 100% pre-shrunk cotton tie-dye with the beloved groovy spiral pattern touch straight from the Summer of Love. This piece comes with two color variants: a high-contrast rainbow spin or a muted washed-out palette, fit for psychedelic designs.

This spiral dye twin sports a growing crystal pattern, bringing a unique touch to the retro wave aesthetic. It’s a classic fit with a high-contrast blue or red color design. Made to be one-of-a-kind with every finish.

This Color Blast tee is made using a pigment dye technique with four refreshing pastel color options. A relaxed unisex fit with a unique design and a soft-washed comfort feel. In fact, it comes from the aptly named Comfort Colors product line.

Next up is our soft-washed ring-spun cotton shirt for extra coziness and a pop of bright colors. This garment-dyed tee is perfect for intricate designs that could use a more standard frame with a uniform color dye job.

Next to bowling shirts with the iconic wrap-around flame pattern, this Hawaiian shirt is one of the most easy-to-recognize button-downs you can work with. It’s a blank canvas for all-over-print pattern designs. Pepper in some palm trees, sunglasses, and floral patterns, and you’ve got yourself a top-of-the-line dad shirt for the new generation.

The cropped tee has a flowy fit for an easy-going appearance that puts standard non-custom crop tops to shame. It works great with different sizes and leaves breathing room for those hot summer days.

Yet another distinctly soft and fashionable loose-fitting comfort tee. The tri-blend fabric keeps this piece durable and breathable, while the loose fit matches perfectly with a day at the beach, rocking a bikini set underneath.

Last on our list of tees is this signature modern crop-fit that speaks truth to the value of brand recognition. Champion Heritage shirts excel in their number of custom size options and 100% cotton-made items.

Looking for something on the lighter side? A basic white tank top just won’t cut it anymore. Make a colorful design with these unique custom items to drum up the motivation for a session at the gym, a jog in the park, or an easy-going pool party. Air out the summer through these three personalized warm-weather tank tops:

It’s safe to say that this cotton tank top is perfect for every occasion and person. Whether you’re working up a sweat or laying about in bed with the windows drawn open (could be both) – as long as the sun’s there, it counts as sunbathing.

A favorite pick for print providers, the Racerback Tank is made of extra-light fabric and comes in a whole spectrum of colors. It’s a layer-ready slim-fit made durable with 60% ring-spun cotton and 40% polyester.

For the best of both worlds, we end this section of summer items with a proper unisex Jersey Tank with 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton fabric. This piece provides a couple of extra customization options for a unique design.

Never forget about the bottoms. Finish the full set by incorporating custom shorts and skirts for outdoor activities and mistakenly tanned shin-lines. Create campy couple’s pieces, floral pattern designs, or recognized pool-side tropes for your summer items list:

Where would we be without them? Men’s board shorts are a quintessential summer staple, and they’re not going anywhere soon. They come with an elastic strap, two side pockets, and an all-over-print wrap-around design.

It’s rare to find a skirt made for outdoor activities, and we’d be remiss not to provide one. The Women’s Skater Skirt is a versatile piece with a spandex waist strap and a soft, smooth touch. With all-over print, the only limit is your design.

Order bulk for the entire team or make a pair for an exceptional athlete. Regardless, this is the perfect fit for a summer evening on the court with a moisture-wicking finish to keep the sweat off the skin.

Ready for a relaxed fit with these drawstring shorts. They’ve got a perfect edge-trim frame for your designs and a curved hem for close comfort.

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Swimwear and Beach Accessories for Men and Women

Hot Summer Items For 2022 2 Hot Summer Items For 2022 3

Slowly but surely, the fashion industry is waking up to the fact that beauty comes in different sizes, shapes, and skin tones. In fact, showing off a bit of skin should feel fashionable and liberating for everyone.

Reap the personalized POD swimwear advantage by offering a set full of colorful, well-designed, and all-inclusive custom swimwear – including plus-size options – to your online store:

Simple and to the point, these men’s swim trunks are made of fast-dry fabric and have a mesh lining, pockets included. The classic drawstring look makes this another summer beach staple.

A fully customizable two-piece is just what this list needs. The vast number of size variants makes this bikini swimsuit a highly desirable piece in any proper summer items catalog.

Of course, no trip to the beach is complete without the right match of accessories and a place to put them. Our list of top-selling summer products comes with a couple of useful beachgoer items that are sure to come as an extra treat during checkout:

Our custom beach towels come in 30″ × 60″  and 36″ × 72″ sizes, which is plenty for a leisurely sunbathing session. Dig your soles in the sand as you ponder what design to place on these color-rich, soft, and absorbent beach towels that a trip to the pool simply can’t do without.

Love them or hate them, fanny packs are back with a vengeance. This exceptional carry-all demands more custom design ideas to get the recognition it deserves – in a post-ironic sense, naturally. Our black fanny pack comes with an adjustable strap, a secure buckle, and a protective front design window.

The weekender bag is made for the beach, and the vintage rope handles seal the deal. Its cream interior lining matches excellently with a smooth all-over-print design finish.

Need something with a more “on-the-road” feel? Let your customers escape to their favorite summer getaway in style with a waterproof travel bag. A brown leather finish with a gold zipper is the vintage post-stamp feel you’ve been looking for.

We’ve got a couple of great options to keep a can of refreshment crisp during even the hottest summer days. Check out the high-grade stainless steel custom can holder, or try your hand with a soft foam-lined can cooler that keeps your hand cozy and your drink protected. If you’re not satisfied, here’s an even slimmer version for those tall drink cans.

When your customers want to go big, you better match them. Get them to pull one of these bad boys out, and their summer BBQ becomes an instant hit. This custom ice bucket has a glossy acrylic finish, perfect for a refreshing wrap-around design, and holds 96 oz. of crystal ice coolness.

Swimwear and Beach Accessories for Men and Women

Hot Summer Items For 2022 4 Hot Summer Items For 2022 5

Quality footwear should accompany all summer adventures, so customization is a must. Suffice to say, no summer feel is complete without the fresh smell of molten flip-flops on the pavement. Better yet, here’s a list of perfect shoes for every summer occasion:

A comfy fit from home to beach, these sliders have a durable foam sole with a printed strap surface. Easy in, easy out, as the name suggests. The print area is relatively small but can be a perfect place for a logo or a simple design that’s easy to recognize.

An expected welcome in our summer items list; you can’t go wrong with a pair of all-purpose flip-flops. The print area goes on the soles, so it’s best to create a design that’ll last after a couple of months of hot summer use.

For the skater renegade or the vintage hipster, by now everyone knows that custom sneakers are a hot-selling item. This one’s a breathable polyester made with full freedom to design in any and every corner. Remember to invert your designs if you’re going for a both-sides finish.

Continuing with the men’s side of things, nothing much changes apart from the extra cover on the ankles in these high-top sneakers. The hi-poly deodorant memory foam insoles give a lot for a comfy walk-about.

Custom Drinkware for Summer Events

Hot Summer Items For 2022 6 Hot Summer Items For 2022 7

Grab a cold one with your friends and ride out the end of our summer products list with style. While you’re at it, enjoy these potential custom drinkware options. Get inspired and leave aside enough common sense to make a perfect design to top off a summer evening:

This clear 16oz glass is perfect for a minimalist wrap-around design. Cover your pint glass with a fruity pattern or a brand-spanking cocktail-ready statement to let everyone know that the evening’s just getting started.

The frosty glass finish makes this 12oz mason jar perfect for homemade soft drinks, cocktails, and beach-side hammock parties. With a custom lid and straw included, you’ve got the potential to impress with a rustic DIY aesthetic your customers are bound to enjoy.

Last but not least in our hot summer products is a bonafide 12 oz. wine tumbler with an insulated lightweight stainless steel body that screams to be brought along with white wine picnics. A clear plastic lid on top means your customer will never have another uncorked wine that needs to be finished right then and there. It keeps your customers fresh and hydrated and keeps the lid sealed for future fun.

Access a Free Summer Design Package

We’ve got more surprises in store. You heard it – introducing a final welcome to the new season with style and comfort included. Check out our pro bono designs and sell them online right away.

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Summer Fashion Sales – Conclusion

Immerse your users in the spirit of the season by offering an uninterrupted flow of personalized items for every turn in the calendar. Whether it snows, rains, or shines, expect more success if you make a consistent effort to reflect the outside mood and its upcoming trends.

Unlike a busy beach market promenade, eCommerce is a new experience for many consumers. Yet, regardless of venue, users expect the same result – a rewarding feeling of making a purchase that will see its use for months or years to come.

All that’s left is finding the designs that’ll put your store at the top.

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