Colors In Merch By Amazon

Colours are Huge part of Merch By Amazon Platform. Colours can help you get a sale from the costumer, so you have to put the right colours for your designs. When choosing the colour for your designs be really careful, and chose the colour that displays your designs in the best way possible. Costumer may come to your store or product page and they love your designs, but unfortunately they don’t find the colour that they want. How you know what colour is best for your designs? Here are some things you need to consider when choosing colours for your designs:
  1. Chose the colour that displays your designs best. For example, if your design is lighter Chose darker colours.
  2. Gender Colours, if you are making designs for specific genders, male or female or youth; try to make colours that are most likely the gender like, for example, females tend to like purple, pink, yellow, light blue, males like Black, Navy, Green, red. And So on. Just put that in mind when choosing the colours.
  3. Also there are specific niches that have a specific colours that needed to be used. For-example Halloween most likely the colour will be Orange, as well as Thanksgiving. Some other niches also have specific colours so try to need deviate from those colours.
  4. Always Chose one or two colours that sell most like Black, Navy Blue. These colours are most liked colours by all shoppers.
I hope this post was helpful. If you liked it share with other marchers and apply it to your strategy and happy Marching!
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