What is Merch Collab?

Merch Collab is a new licensing program where brands collaborate with qualified designers and manufacturers to create the world’s largest selection of branded merchandise for fans. Merch Collab makes licensing as easy as “Buy now with 1-click”, brands simply approve and promote products. Amazon tracks sales and pays out royalties.

Application process

Who qualifies as a brand?

We are interested in all brand types, including major entertainment brands, musicians, consumer products, and social influencers. Note that social influencers must have a minimum of 100K followers.

How long will it take to be approved?​

We will work to get back to you as quickly as possible.

As a brand owner, how much of a commitment am I making?

You aren’t making a commitment. However, to be successful we ask that you do the following:

  1. Raise fan awareness of your products via social media
  2. Review and approve products at least once a week

Why do I need a Seller Central account to participate in Merch Collab?​

If you’re a brand owner, Seller Central will be your single portal for working with Amazon, you’ll be able to review and approve designs with Merch Collab, set up your brand through Brand Registry, manage your dedicated store front, run ads on Amazon, and list your own products for sale.

How do I sign up for a Seller Central account?​

Sign up for an Individual Seller Central account. You do not need to sign up for a paid professional Seller Central account to participate in this program.

Why do I need to provide banking and credit card info to sign up for Seller Central?​

Your royalties will be paid using the bank account you provide. We use credit card and other information to combat fraud.

What product categories are available?​

Currently, products produced by Merch by Amazon designers (see merch.amazon.com), with other categories launching at a later date.

How much does the program cost?​

You pay no fees and earn a royalty on the sale of every item.

How much will I earn for each product sold?​

You can learn more about royalties here.

As a Brand, what if I already sell on Amazon, list products on Merch by Amazon, or have my own merchandise already?​

That’s great. Merch Collab is an opportunity to extend your selection offering to your Customers, it is not intended to replace your existing merchandise. You can continue to design and upload your own artwork through Merch by Amazon and work with your exisitng licensees.

I’m a designer, can I sign up for Merch Collab?​

We’ve opened up our application process for designers, you can apply below. You’ll need Merch by Amazon and a Seller Central account, using the same email address for both accounts, to complete the application.

I’m a Seller on Amazon who manufacturers products, can I participate in Merch Collab?

Currently Merch Collab supports print on demand products through Merch by Amazon, but we are exploring other categories. If you think your business would be a good fit, please complete an application here. Please apply using your existing Seller Central account.

How are product prices set?​

You can suggest a list price for your brand that varies from our category defaults. Since Amazon sells your branded merch, we control the final sale price. Brands earn a royalty on each product sold.

Who owns the rights to approved products?​

Amazon or the brand owner owns the copyright associated with print on demand designs. However, the design cannot be commercialized outside of the Merch Collab program without compensating the designer pursuant to the agreement.

This information all taken from https://services.amazon.com/collab/merchcollab.html

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