One of the best alternatives to merch by Amazon and print on demand websites is Printul+Etsy integraton. This is the most approved way from many Merh by Amazon successful people. You can ask anyone for the best alternative and they will instuct you to do the Printful+Etsy Integration. So how do you start?

First thing you have to open a Printful account and an Etsy account as well.go the sign up page by clicking on each of the names below:

Open account on Printful here

Open an account on Etsy here

After you opening your account link your Printful account to Etsy. You can watch the youtube video below from Printful on how to link your Printful account to Etsy. Watch the video here!

after you linking your Printful account to Etsy you can start choosing the products you want to sell from Printful and publish them right away.

here is a video on how to list a product from Printful on Etsy. Click here

After following the steps mentioned above you will be able to start selling right away and making some serious money. You will be surprised on the results you will get maybe you will happier than if you would have joined Merch By Amazon itself. Start crushing it and good luck to you!

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