Merch Informer is pretty cheap, its not like they are charging $40 for it, it’s basically 2 shirt sales will cover it so if it saves you even a few minutes of time or makes a task easier it’s well worth it.

In terms of my experience, I really don’t like their analytic features, I’ll sometimes use them for keyword ideas and stuff but overall I don’t find that it’s that accurate finding top selling shirts and stuff, I personally would rather just search amazon and see what comes up at the top of search that’s not sponsored and those rarely seem to line up with the results MI gives me so I find that odd and question it’s accuracy.

That said there are some tools that sorta help me look at data in a differdnt way and while any serious designer would scoff at using their design program end of it, its actually not bad for cranking out simple designs quickly, and I am going to stay with Merch Informer it for a while. I am learning a lot on there but I am starting from “potato” level of skill and knowledge so it’s worth it to me but probably not for someone who knows a lot more than I do.

In one day I had a better idea of why my first batch of shirts aren’t selling and will likely never sell. It’s hard to sell a “clever idea” that nobody ever searches for so I am going replace my shirts one by one with hopefully better designs in categories that people actually look for.

unless you just want to learn the market while you wait for tees to sell and to tier up. Through tier 4k I never used it. Now I login pretty much daily for one reason or another. Still learning what it can do and there seems to be a ton of stuff. I personally don’t love the new listing tool. Will be good for some, but doesn’t fit into my process well. I dig the trend tracker module though. And I use the keyword helper thing with some niches. Merch hunter module thing is also fantastic.

You have nothing to lose you can try out for a free trial and then find out for yourself if it worth the money. this is the link here to save you time.

Let us know your experience if you have used it or after you use. Peace out guys!

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