Both Programs Have pros and cons so we will give information on both of them and you will be the judge for whats better, because it really depends on many things and what works for everyone.

Lets start with Printful:

  1. Four fulfillment locations – located on both sides of the big pond to bring you closer to your customers.
  2. Free signup, no monthly fees – You only pay when you submit an order, and only for the products you order
  3. No minimums – They print everything on demand so you can order as much as you need and you don’t have to keep an inventory
  4. Automated order import – Orders you get at your ecommerce store are automatically imported into our system and sent to fulfillment
  5. Custom branding options – We print and ship everything under your brand with custom labels, pack-ins, and other branding options
  6. Low shipping rates – Printful partner with global carriers to bring you many affordable and reliable shipping options.

Now Lets take a look at Merch By Amazon :

  1. You sell your artwork for the same community that Merch By Amazoners sell for. (You are able to select North America & Europe)

2. Amazon doesn’t stick it’s cute nose into your pricing policy. You definitely can make minimum x2 / x3 or even x4 profit compared to MBA.

3. No listing charge & No “tiering up” hustle. (But hey you already paid 40 / 50 $ upfront)

4. Buybox available

5. Dozens of different POD products you can sell and you are able to decide for your profit margins.

Hope this helps and feel free to reach out to us if you need any assistance or just would like to chat about print on demand, ecommerce or anything else!


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