There is no shortage of the startups when it comes to the online businesses with no investments. With online business such as bloggingAffiliate marketing, and Dropshipping growing up, there is the ocean of opportunities to make it big there.

One of the online businesses if you love designing and is passionate about the printing is the print-on-demand (POD). Print on Demand may be similar to the AliExpress Dropshipping in some aspects but it has its own pros and cons too.

In this post  have explained in detail a step by step guide on How to Start A Successful Print-On-Demand Business In 2019 With Little Investment.

What Is Print On Demand?

Print On Demand is the business of selling your own custom designs in different products. It is the self-publishing books. You can get your custom designs in the T-shirts, mugs, hats, and print other digital content using this business model.

If you are creative enough, you can start your own POD business with just a few simple steps and you will be ready to go.

The POD has brought a drastic change in printing as compared to the traditional printing. While the traditional printing needs the bulk orders for the printing, the POD business saves the cost by only printing as much as the requirement.

Advantages of Print On Demand: 

  • There is no need to keep the stocks with you. All of the things are printed only after the order. The design is kept digitally.
  • The copes can e printed individually and thus they can be customized easily.
  • The quality of the printing is better than the traditional printing as it is based on newer machines and technologies as compared to the old machines.
  • One your design is ready, it can be sold easily from anywhere I the world to anywhere. All you need is to upload the manuscript.
  • You can, later on, make changes and edit easily as it doesn’t involve bulk printing.

Steps To Start A Successful Print-On-Demand Business In 2019

I have given a detailed step by step guide on how to start a Print-on-Demand business with a little or o investment. Starting an online business might not cost you dearer but it is must that you give your hard work, time and dedication to it.

Step 1: Choose a Software

So, the first thing that you would need for a successful print on demand business is to choose the suitable software. Even if you are creative enough, you would need designing software. You must choose that software which has both Pixel as well as the vector format.

I have selected some amazing and the best software to use for the POD business. There are some freebies too but I wouldn’t recommend going for the free software if you are looking to start with something serious. The free tools may have the limited features and less flexibility.

While some software like Canva and Gimp may help you, though they are free, some better software that I have tried is:

 Step 2: Choose a Niche

This is the most important step to start your T-shirt business online.  Deciding the niche becomes important when you start an online business of your own.

In the Print on demand business, the competition is tough and it is too hard to get the better conversions until and unless you have got some attractive stuff to display. The most profitable niches would only benefit here and it becomes too hard to choose a niche in this kind of business.

I will help you out in choosing the profitable niche.  Firstly, there are two main niches to choose from in a POD business.

The first one is the product niche. Product niche decides that what type of product you want to add to your store.  It can be T-shirts, or mugs or anything that you want to sell in your shop. You can also sell one or all in the shop. But I would recommend selling only one type of product.

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The second type of niche is a subject niche. Choose that what do you want to choose as a subject- birthday, nurses, dogs, clowns, yoga or anything. Choose a design and the subject that you want to show. You can display the same designs in all the products in your shops such as in the T-shirts, mugs, hoodies, sweatshirts or any other product that you would choose.

Use the same design in different languages and people would love those designs in their native language. That’s the best way to increase your sale but make sure the design you are creating is a unique one.

Thus, once you have chosen the niche, I would say that go with both of them simultaneously. Once you have chosen the niche; let’s take an example that you have chosen the birthday. You can start with choosing another 5-10 sub-topics such as the month, date, year or anything.

Then use that subject or design on any product that you desire to. Make sure the product is a profitable one with the niche.

How To Research Keyword Demand

Before you proceed with the chosen niche, it is important to check once again for the profitable niche or the keyword that might help you. To look id the niche is selling or not, just type in the niche in the any of the sites that offer POD products.
There are a number of POD sites such as Redbubble, ZazzleTeepublic and a lot of others.   These sites can filter the products on the basis of best sellers. This way, you can check out the winning products.

You can also research the Pinterest with the relevant keyword and look for the most pinned product. Also, there is an extension in the Google Chrome – ‘Chrome Amazon DS Quick View еxtеnѕiоn.’ This extension displays the best selling products in

If you are still confused about the niche, you can search for your keywords in the Google trends.

Step 3:  Create Your Store

This is one of the most necessary steps to start your own Print on Demand business. To sell your products, it is essential to own your store. Even the customers, as well as the dropshippers, will contact you through your store.

Creating a store becomes lucrative as there are a number of stores that create the readymade E-commerce stores for you. One of the best platforms for creating the E-commerce store is Shopify.

Shopify has been widely used to create the E-commerce store by any E-commerce vendors or dropshippers. It also gives a free trial so that you can test your store before launching it.

The reason why I would like to go with Shopify is:

  1. 14-day free trial
  2. 100+ professional themes
  3. Web-based website builder
  4. 100 payment gateways
  5. Mobile friendly website
  6. Abandoned cart recovery
  7. Email Templates
  8. SEO optimized stores
  9. Social Media integration
  10. Free analytics and traffic report and many more…


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