Looking for a great way to motivate yourself with some new designs and increase your sales of merch for this coming Spring? Consider an overlooked holiday that nearly everyone loves to get dressed up for and let their hair down: St. Patrick’s Day. This is an absolutely perfect fit for all things merch, from wearables to giveaways!

Definitely pride of place on this most Irish of days is the St Patrick’s Day shirt. And more specifically the funny St. Patrick’s Day shirt! If you can think of a clever or unique slogan, chances are, you’ve got a great opportunity to sell it for St. Paddy’s.

And while it is true that most of us won’t be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year at big street festivals or down the local bar or pub, that is no excuse for not celebrating this popular festival at home!

Today, we talk about ways to increase your sales and why you should definitely push on St. Patrick’s Day, particularly funny St. Patrick’s Day shirt product ideas. We’ve also included a special gift at the end, our free St. Patrick’s Day designs for you to get selling with.


St. Patricks Day



What is St. Patrick’s Day?

St.Patricks Day Clothing Designs

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, the man who is believed to have converted the Pagan Irish to Christianity. Saint Patrick’s Day marks the day – March 17 – when he is believed to have died. The day is a national holiday in Ireland and the evening is now celebrated all over the world.

St Patrick’s Day Rakes in the Green

St.Patricks Day Sock Design

Billions of dollars will be spent on St. Patrick’s Day in 2021 in the United States. Some estimates put the figure at around a $40 spend per person for everyone planning to participate, so there’s some room for some serious sales for your shop! This is a great way to boost your shop’s sales in early Spring ahead of the brighter months ahead. It’s also a great time to start a new campaign for some general momentum.

St Patrick’s Day spending is growing, year over year

Celebrations are becoming more elaborate, even in the home, with many celebrants saying that they’ll be having fun in their home, even with a special dinner. That means there are indoor merch opportunities aplenty, as millions look set to decorate their homes for this special occasion.

Is your shop wearing the green?

According to the National Retail Federation, 60% of Americans plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and 83% of those plan on wearing green, so why not your products? Putting up green-themed products with colorful, St. Patrick’s Day background images will put your shop’s visitors in the St. Patrick’s Day buying mood and could really boost your sales!

It could be that your customer wasn’t even planning on purchasing a St. Patrick’s Day item, but once the seed is planted with a powerful color scheme, they’re going to take a look, especially if you have the cute, clever, funny, and witty designs that people love for this holiday. So make sure you’re wearing green if you want your customers to wear yours!

Funny St. Patrick’s Day shirt ideas

St.Patricks Day Shirt Design

When it comes to funny shirt ideas for St. Patrick’s Day it is definitely a case of the funnier the better! St Patrick’s Day has traditionally been all about fun, jokes, partying, drinking maybe a little too much alcohol, socializing, the craic – as the Irish like to say – and the celebration of all things Irish! So when it comes to ideas for selling merch for this special day in the calendar, funny shirt ideas for St. Patrick’s are always a winner!

What messaging should you consider for your St Patrick’s Day products?

Think fun, humorous, ironic, sarcastic, honest, and sometimes even a little bit rude and naughty! When it comes to St Patrick’s Day you can get away with writing almost anything as long as it hits the right chord with all things associated with this boisterous party day.

Alcohol and perhaps having one tipple too many are one of the central themes as is the color green. And don’t worry if your customers and potential new clients aren’t able to celebrate together with their friends this year, they will continue celebrating this fun day in 2021 but this time from home!

The secret to sales success?

St.Patricks Day Mug Design

One of the secrets to sales success for St Patrick’s is to go at the Irish theme hard! By incorporating popular Irish themes into your designs you will no doubt appeal to the millions of people worldwide who are Irish as well as the estimated 80 million people with Irish blood globally. There are thought to be a phenomenal 40 million people in the United States alone who can trace some form of Irish ancestry! Yes, you heard that right – imagine the untapped potential sales that this offers anybody selling St. Patrick’s Day merch! And while we are on this topic, let’s not forget there are tens of millions more people out there who enjoy participating in this most Irish of days from Brazil to the Baltic states!

Popular Irish themes you should definitely consider

Popular Irish themes worth considering are mythological (or are they real?!) creatures such as leprechauns and elves, as well as the nation’s most famous symbol the shamrock or clover. It is also always popular to use traditional Irish imagery around the Celtic symbol, the Irish flag, and the word ‘Irish’ as well, of course, as the color green. And while you are thinking of ideas that will work and help you make some much-needed cash, then don’t forget to use the word ‘luck’. Who knows – maybe you will have some of the luck of the Irish yourself! Just remember! The general rule here is if you can think of a funny St. Patrick’s Day shirt then you are onto a winner!

Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves this St. Patrick’s Day

This is one of the most overlooked and high merch holidays, hands down. If you and your store are ready for some serious sales, you can expect this day to be the day that gives you momentum for the rest of the year ahead!

So think about some of the tips we have given you in this article about what is popular and what works well on St. Patrick’s Day and get designing!! New original ideas that work well can set you apart from the opposition and help you rake in the green!

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