If you are Merch By Amazon Seller you need to check out this amazing tool that have been helping people reach their goals faster than they anticipated. And I May tell you this is your lucky day!! yes because there is a 20% off from entire order when you subscribe today using the promo code: Mercherworld And By Clicking here. Now let’s dive in to tell you little bit about Merch Informer.

Just starting your print on demand journey or are stuck at how to get to the next level? We put together a comprehensive 9 part video course that will explain the EXACT process on how to break through barriers and get sales starting to roll into your account. The Merch Academy course takes any of the “guess work” out of your business and gives you a step by step guide that you can follow at your own pace.


Research is what ensures that you are not wasting your effort and making money!  No matter if you are a first timer or a seasoned mercher, Merch Informer helps you filter through Amazon’s entire merch database and find profitable niches -QUICK – giving you the time to scale your POD empire.


Idea to design with no experience! Take your ideas and turn them into stunning designs without any design ability using our intuitive drag and drop web designer software. Use the Merch Designer to create beautiful one-off designs or use our automated bulk design creator to create hundreds of unique designs with the click of a button.


To scale your business, you need an easier way to automate listing your designs! Merch Informer has the best design listing automation in the business. With a single hotkey, you can automate the listing of your products on Merch by Amazon giving your time back to you.


Staying safe from trademark infringement is difficult! Merch Informer’s Trademark Protection ensures that you not only stay safe from any frivolous trademarks that may be out there when launching your new products, but monitors phrases to make sure they do not become trademarked in the future! Sleep at night knowing all your listings have been checked and are in the clear.

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