Tier UP

Here Some Tips On How To Tier Up on Merch By Amazon:

1. From Tier 10 to 25

First thing you should do rather than just waiting for a sale or two to get tiered up to 25 and that may take you long time. So you should buy you way out of that tier by buying one or two of your designs and after a week or two you will be in tier 25 faster!

2. From Tier 25-100

You can do the same method on this tier if you are not selling anything yet because tier 10&25 Can be hard to sell shirts on them, because you are not into the game 100% yet. So buying yourself out of this tier by buying 1 more shirt of yours will be worth it.

3. From Tier 100-500

On this tier you should be familiar with the game more and learned the Keywords and designs and what people are searching for, so you should be selling some shirts on this tier already and if you lucky you will get your code for AMS to get start advertising your shirts and make more sells. On this tier focus in how to improve and be ready for the tier 500 and don’t focus on tiering up because you have to be good at merch on tier 100 so you can start to make real money when you tier up to 500. And before you expect it you will be tiered up!

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