Mercher World Overview:

We created this platform to help Amazon Sellers to find Ready Art Work for their Merch By Amazon Business, and by the help of designers like you we will make that happen. This Platform built by designers like you to provide Amazon Sellers with high quality designs and Art Art work that they cannot find somewhere else.

Here are few tips to help you get started:

Artwork tips

For best results, please use one of the Measurements Required to make your Designs.


To ensure your final artwork file will be approved, follow these guidelines:

  • Create your final artwork in PNG.
  • USE Merch By Amazon Template Size to Create your Designs.
  • Output your artwork file at 100% of the print dimensions at 300dpi.
  • Make sure your artwork file is no larger than 25MB.

Product Title and Description:

  • Make sure your product Title Represent The design you are creating.
  • Make sure to fill up your description for what the design was created for.
  • Include the type of product the Art Work was T-Shirt, Hoodie, PopSocket, etc..

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