We all know being a student isn’t exactly cheap. But you’re a student, for crying out loud! It’s basically your job to get trashed on freshers week and then every weekend after until you graduate. At least until you graduate, anyway.

But with the debts, bills, and all that other adult shite we’d much rather didn’t exist, it can be tricky to fund your weekend antics. That’s where student events come in!

Instead of dragging yourself to a fancy club where you’ll die a little more inside each time you buy an £8 pint, student nights allow you to buy 4 drinks for the same price and enjoy yourself a lot more thanks to the mental atmosphere. So here are some of the best Manchester events you aren’t going to want to miss if you’re a student.

Loose at Cargo

When: every Saturday

Where: CARGO, Manchester

If a crazy, cheap party has been on your bucket list, Cargo’s got you. This huge city centre nightclub that recently underwent a massive £1.5 million refurb is known for student-friendly prices, banging tunes across three rooms spun by Manchester’s best DJs, and pyro including CO2 cannons.

Head over to Cargo every Saturday to let your hair down with 1,500 other ravers fueled by 3 for £8 Jagerbombs and £5 double vodka mixers.

Pixelated Thursdays at Lola Lo

When: 12th, 19th, and 26th May

Where: Lola Lo, Manchester

As a student, it’s against student law to turn down any event with drinks starting at £1. And turning down a free drink should be met with a death sentence.

Lola Lo is the place to go for cracking student deals, including a free cocktail before midnight, confetti cannons, £1 shots, £2 Jagerbombs, two for one cocktails all night, and two rooms of music.

To be honest, we really can’t think of anything to make these events any better.

Hotmess Fest

When: Saturday 24th September

Where: O2 Victoria Warehouse Manchester in Manchester

Is there a better way to make friendships to last a lifetime than by attending a festival full of other Manchester students?

You can picture it now: you stumble through a crowd of 10,000 other students who are all equally wavy and mad for it before heading to the stage. Then that one killer tune comes on, you throw your free inflatable in the air as confetti rains down, the lights go wild, and the CO2 cannons emphasise that massive drop.

Some equally passionate, equally mashed punter throws their arm around you, and you dance your hearts out together well into the night, through to graduation and beyond. Absolutely stunning, this fest might just be the best Manchester freshers week event in 2022.

42nd Street

When: events running Tuesday to Saturday every week

Where: 42nd Street, Manchester

If you’re wondering why we haven’t mentioned a specific event for this one, the answer’s simple: 42nd Street is always insanely good fun and cheap. 42s, as it's often known, isn’t your standard club.

At this legendary club, you can expect loads of tunes from indie icons such as Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, and The Killers, as well as straight-up bangers every drunk person wants to hear like ABBA, Biggie, Nirvana, Blondie and Fatboy Slim tunes.

The Freshers Takeover Week

When: Sunday 11th – Wednesday 14th September 2022

Where: multiple venues, Manchester

For five years now, this wristband has sold out. It doesn’t take a genius to see that’s because these events are tasty as hell.

And for just a fiver, attending these events will probably be the biggest no brainer of your life. One £5 wristband grants you access to three huge parties: the hip hop zoo party, a UV neon laser rave, and a 00s party.

Not to mention, these parties will be going down in three of Manchester’s most loved venues. It’s going to be mad.

Karma at Ark

When: Every Friday

Where: Ark, Manchester

On Friday nights down on the lively Deansgate Locks, you can find Ark, a popular nightclub with entertainers, three rooms of music, and drinks for just £2.

Yep, £2 drinks all night long.

The music ranges from RnB and hip hop tunes, grime, remixes, house, techno and more, depending on what room you find yourself in. Karma has attracted a few famous faces in the past, including Hardy Caprio, Joey Essex, Nathan Dawe, and a few Love Islanders.

If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us.

There are so many unreal events in the city that it’s impossible not to find something that you’ll love. Even if none of these Manchester events suit you, there are dozens more going down every single week.

Just head over to Skiddle to be spoilt for choice with some of the best events in the UK, including some of the best events during Manchester’s freshers week!


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